Saturday, March 23, 2013

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 24: Friends

As advertised, this was Week 24 of the world famous Solidarity Fish Fry.

The evening, as usual, was filled with friends, both old and new.

I was finally able to meet a Facebook friend in real life:

Rachel and Robin Schlueter

And again I was fortunate enough to enjoy the company of Kelley Albrecht, a long time Solidarity Fish Fry goer:

The talk of the evening was the way that the Solidarity Fish Fry has changed over the months.  At the beginning, the crowds were big, the people were boisterous.  It was something new, something fun and we had a better turn out than I had expected.

Over the weeks, the crowd would fluctuate in size, but there was always a steady presence, for with the Serb Hall union members remain grateful.  We discussed how the Solidarity Fish Fry might not have the flashiness of when it was new, but it has developed the comfort of being another type of union, a family.

Oh, we have new people coming every week, which shows not only does the movement still has legs, it still is having a positive impact on the relationship between management and the union.  I would expect that impact will be even more noticeable after the Lenten season ends.

But while the evening was pleasant, there was one thing that was wrong. Very wrong.

Randy Bryce, the Tsar of Tartar, was not there.  It was not like him to miss a drop of tartar sauce.  What could have happened?

Last week, he did have another one of his episodes where he got a wee bit carried away:

Did the authorities catch up with him and put him in a de-tartar-tox center?

Or did he become enough of a threat to the corporate overlords that Scott Walker declared him an enemy of the corporate state and sent David Erwin after him?

Or did he hear of the mythical land of Tartarvania, where the rivers flow with tartar sauce and went out in search of it?

No one knows.

But trust me when I say that I will be out searching for him until I find him, or next Friday, Solidarity Fish Fry's Week 25 occurs, whichever comes first.

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