Friday, March 22, 2013

Poll: Wisconsin Supreme Court Is Too Political

This is interesting, to say the least:
Two-thirds of respondents to the latest Wisconsin Public Radio-St. Norbert College survey feel the state Supreme Court is too “political.”

Wendy Scattergood is a survey analyst. She says the poll asked if the court is, “too mixed up in politics.”

People were then asked to define what that phrase meant:
“The number one thing people think, 'too mixed up in politics' means is that they feel like the court is really partisan. Seventeen percent of respondents felt that the court is too partisan. Others: similar kinds of things, saying that they're not above the fray, they're not neutral.”
Six percent cited “interpersonal fighting” amongst justices.
Now remember what I said about this just before the primary:
It was revealed that not only was Patience Roggensack receiving tons of campaign donations from out of state special interest groups, she tried to cover up the fact by playing fast and loose with campaign finance laws.

On top of that, she is also complicit to David Prosser's attack on fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley when she turned a blind eye to the crime and recused herself before there was even a case before her.

With Ed Fallone on the Supreme Court, we might not win every case that we wish, but that's OK, because at least we'd know we were given a fair shake. With Roggensack, we know that there would be no chance at justice, since her decisions have already been bought and paid for.
If people do indeed think that the Supreme Court is too political, now would be the time to change it.

And to change the political nature of the Court means to change the political Justices, like Roggensack.

Vote Ed Fallone.


  1. Just like youd find here. More Media Lies.

    Don't know how the people can think its' to political when its' in the front line of stopping dedly ObummerCare and the death panels. Vote Farud is steeling the elections and they are stopping that too. So the lanestream media will be droning on just like Obummer.

    Meantime I vote for ALEC and massive acid pollution from strip mines when ever I can!

  2. Maybe we should elect only judges that are owned by the unions!!!!!

  3. in the rt wing view the prodigal son vets and the wker who came to the vineyd at 3 would all be considered 47 perecent non deserving entitlements-mean selfish rt winger dingers.