Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Solidarity Fish Fry, Week 25: Any Solidarity Fish Fry Friday Is A Good Friday

This coming Friday is Week 25 of the Solidarity Fish Fry.  It is also Good Friday, the busiest day of the year for Serb Hall.  It is sure to present a challenged, but one I'm sure we are up to dealing with.

From what I understand, they will be using both halls.  One will have the buffet in
it and the other will have the traditional family style all you can eat fish fry.  Unlike other weeks, whatever group you are with will all have to agree on which way to go.

(For what it's worth, we'll be doing the traditional side.)

But on the down side, even as we approach the six month mark, management at Serb Hall is still as dense as a box of rocks and still keep trying to play their little games, as evidenced by this email:
Since Randy told me he was always at the Solidarity Fish Fry Serb Hall -- I tried to go last night -- recently relocated to Milwaukee for a UNION job in education.

FWIW Last weekend, when I told them I was there for the "Solidarity Fish Fry" the man that takes your name at Serb Hall acted like he knew nothing. I was by myself and wasn't sure I would stay for dinner if it wasn't to support labor -- since he would not acknowledge that there was a set of union tables I could ask for, I eventually left.

Last night, I went again and this time, per Capper's blog, specifically requested a union table with the man that takes your name when entering Serb hall. Again, I was alone -- when I was called, they tried to sit me at a non-union table and had I not asked to verify that status, would never have.

Only then I was told the union tables were full and it would be a while -- I waited for a while, but since a church down the street had a fish fry too -- I just decided to go there.

In any case -- Serb Hall has not cooperated with me in terms of coming to the Solidarity Fish Fry and thought you might like to know.

Maybe I will try again, but since I hastily relocated to Milwaukee, don't have a dinner partner in town and it isn't really fun to do this alone -- especially when Serb Hall is stroking you about getting a union table.
So the lesson here is don't trust the frond door guy, Tim Brady, when it comes to the Solidarity Fish Fry. He will act friendly and congenial, but he's still management. Tell the host or hostess that actually seats you that you want a union table, and don't be afraid to make sure that it is one. You are the customer and you have the right to make reasonable requests and expect that they will do their best to meet those requests.

To make sure things are clear, here is what you need to do to participate in the Solidarity Fish Fry:

  1. Go to Serb Hall in Milwaukee anytime between 11:30 am and 9 pm.
  2. Tell the host you want a union table - the servers are usually Michelle, Victoria and Sandra
  3. Enjoy a fish fry or buffet
  4. Leave a good tip and make sure they know it's in support of the union workers
  5. Move along so the other union supporters can get their fish fry on too.

If they give you grief, and you need to leave, make sure you firmly but politely tell them exactly why you are leaving.  If others hear you, that is just as well.

If you need to, print this blog post, cut out those five steps and put them in your wallet.  

However,  if you plan on eating with Randy Bryce, the Tsar of Tartar, you might want to laminate the rules first.  The the tartar sauce will wipe right off.

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