Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kenosha Unified School District

By Jeff Simpson

The Kenosha Unified School District has an important election coming up for School Board.   There is a candidate running, named William Mauer III that might be the single worst candidate in WI(at least since David Vanderleest) . 

As Dan Bice reports:
Every election brings a new crop of questionable political wannabes.
But William Mauer III appears to be single-handedly lowering the bar for school board candidates across the state.
Just look at his rap sheet: 
Records show Mauer, one of four candidates vying for two seats on the Kenosha School Board, has three disorderly conduct convictions since 2002, two drunken-driving offenses and a citation for possessing marijuana. 
Beyond that, police reports from the past 20 years lay out a disturbing range of alleged behavior by Mauer. He has been accused of wielding a gun during a tiff over a lawnmower, grabbing an 18-year-old female roommate by the throat during a spat over marijuana and calling a hospital security guard a "faggot."
Good thing there's no zero-tolerance policy for school board candidates. The election is Tuesday.

As Capper likes to say - "there is more, there is always more"....

If you have a couple hours, you can peruse his rap sheet:  There is so much more to this story than just a crazy school board candidate.   In reality this story shows us exactly how the republicans feel about education in our state and how they will do anything to win!

1.   What exactly are Mr. Mauer's credentials and motivation in running for school board?
 Mauer -- a critic of the teachers union and supporter of Gov. Scott Walker (why do so many people who have mugshots also have private shots with Scott Walker?  Why is the Governor so comfortable around people with such ethics deficits?)  


2.  Despite his extensive rap sheet, numerous OWI's and disorderly conducts amongst many other things, it doesn't matter to the local republican and tea party!  Support Scott Walker and your golden! He has the FULL backing of the Kenosha Republican party

3. Sadly, despite Bice's excellent report, he feels some sad pull to "balance his reporting" and compares Mauers opponent's 2009 bankruptcy(hardly unique in America) to the shameful behavior of Mauer.   This did not belong in the story!

4.  Once again, another republican victim.  It wasn't his fault.
"You are being used in an attempt by the KEA to retake control of the (Kenosha United School District)," Mauer wrote. "I’m running because I know I can help the kids and because I can make sure that the resources provided by the taxpayers are being used in the best interest of their education."
 I do however, have to give him some credit, he knows how to get his tax dollars out of the Kenosha Police Department!

5. Finally, why do so many republican men in Wisconsin, "inadvertently" choke women?
 In 2005, Mauer said he was cited for disorderly conduct and fined $5 after he was initially accused of domestic violence. 
Mauer told police he had taken items that he owned from his 18-year-old roommate's room, prompting her to try to "get his weed" from his closet. While seeking his marijuana, she reported that Mauer grabbed her by the neck. He claimed he may have inadvertently done this while trying to take the woman by her shoulders.
Mauer said this week that the incident was overblown.
"Even the police knew there was no threat, but they were following Wisconsin law by arresting me," he said. "I represented myself and I put (her) on the stand. She told the judge all the things I had done for her and how I had been the only positive influence in her life."
I hope this disgraceful debacle has you rethinking republican backed candidates and lets you see exactly, how little, what our friends on the right, think about public education!

If you are in Kenosha, PLEASE vote for Rebecca Stevens and Kyle Flood!

Your children are counting on you!

PS:  The WI Knot-sies are so cowardly and immature that they have stolen Mr. Floods pictures and tried to create a fake profile for the young and upcoming candidate.   Please punish this childish behavior by voting Mr. Flood into office!

PS:  Mr. Mauer speaks volumes to what the republicans have done in our state via their CCW law:

 Mauer, 55, noted that he has cleared three background checks in the past six months, one each in Wisconsin and Utah so he could carry a concealed weapon in the two states and the other to buy  a subcompact 9 mm pistol. 

If that doesn't help you sleep better at night, nothing will!  


  1. I know Republicans are corrupt, unethical and hypocritical as can be. But even I am shocked at how low Kenosha Republicans are supporting a criminal for school board and creating a fake Facebook page for his opponent. Truly despicable.

  2. 7:06 - report the FB thing. That is not allowed.

  3. $5 fine for the "disorderly conduct" of choking someone?! I got a $75 fine for not wearing shoes in a restaurant. What is wrong with our legal system?

  4. In Fond du Lac there is a first time candidate for School Board who is an unabashed supporter of the voucher and charter proposals and who even has "some group" making robocalls on her behalf. Hmmmm?

    They are trying to take over at all levels.

  5. Right up there with Rep. Stieneke.

  6. Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?.

    You libs are always dredging up lies and stuff that does not matter. Unlike our current president (who some believe to be from Kenya) and the most recent Republican candidate (who some believe rides a white horse), Mr. William J. Mauer III has been vetted! By law enforcement.

    "Why would I not pass a backround [sic] check to be employed by a school? In the last 6 months, I have passed three back round [sic] checks. The first to receive my conceal permit for Wisconsin. The second to purchase an XD 9mm subcompact and the third, a complete fingerprint and FBI back round [sic] check to get a Utah conceal carry license. " Local back round checks are also performed at On the Border.

    Childrens do learn.

  7. And you want to allow a child run a multi-million dollar district? Kyle Flood has no board experience or life experience. Bill Mauer has guts, determination, experience and the backing of solid-thinking people.

    1. Boosh? Dat U? Yer grammar and incompetence with the written word says it all. Just like Mr. Bill "back round check" Mauer.

      "And you want to allow a child run a multi-million dollar district?" You should ask a KEA member to count the errors in just this one sentence.

    2. Solid thinking people? Does that mean their brains are like concrete - all mixed up and firmly set?

  8. Yes Mauer has the guts to "inadvertently" shoke a woman, the determination to keep getting arrested until he gets it right and the experience taking Mug shots that we need running our schools.

    As for the people who would vote for him, solid is not the S word I would use.

  9. Perhaps Bill Mauer is the latest manifestation of the Angry Badger operation that was exposed last year.

    Wonder how MANY Bill Mauer-like stealth right wingnut candidates the Angry Badger operation has running in School Board elections across Wisconsin?

    Bill Mauer's candidacy might be the tip of a very dirty iceberg.