Saturday, March 16, 2013

Who Is Senator Lena Taylor Representing? UPDATED!

In 2011, Senator Lena Taylor voted for not only the conceal carry law, but also the Castle Doctrine.  Showing how much of a hypocrite she is, one year later, she posed with Trayvon Martin’s Mother at the Rainbow Push Coalition Conference in Chicago.

Image courtesy of WISN
Earlier this year, she again stood against her own constituents by putting her name as a cosponsor to the power grab bill that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and Representative Joe Sanfellipo are trying to ram down our throats.  This bill would end representative government on the county level and diminish the voices of the very same people which she is supposed to be representing.

ADDENDUM #1: I forgot to also point out how Taylor did race-baiting in the last election.  In her opposition to Representative Sandy Pasch's campaign, Taylor actually told voters that they should support "someone who looks like us."

Just this week, we learned that she is now trying to play games with open record requests submitted to her office.  It makes one wonder what she is trying to hide from the public.

Given the anger that her constituents have shown toward her after she has betrayed them time after time, it's not surprising that she would not want more information coming out which would show her treachery.

And the stuff she wouldn't want to come out would include things like this email, which she sent to every member of the finance committee:
From: Lena Taylor [mailto:[redacted]]
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 8:31 AM
To: Rep.Kooyenga
Subject: Preserve and promote quality education options in Milwaukee

Dear Representative Kooyenga,

Milwaukee has a long tradition of empowering parents and fostering innovation in education. The private schools that participate in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) and independent charter schools are some of the most successful and innovative education options in the City of Milwaukee.

Unfortunately despite this success, funding for these options has lagged far behind funding for more traditional options. In the last decade charter and private schools participating in the MPCP have watched their funding stagnate and then decline, while the investment in traditional schools continues to increase. This funding disparity is not fair.

This makes it very difficult for great schools to grow and nearly impossible for promising schools to make the changes necessary to go from good to great. As a result, we do not have enough quality seats to serve Milwaukee students.

As a Milwaukee resident and education reform supporter, I thank the Governor for putting a provision in his budget that increases funding for students participating in the MPCP and those who attend charter students. We urge members of Joint Finance to support those changes.

Sincerely, Lena Taylor, A Concerned Voter Who Votes on Education Issues

[address redacted]
Milwaukee, WI 53206-2934
In summary, Senator Lena Taylor had already come out against public safety and representative government. Now she is coming out against the children in the state, not to mention her own district, getting a quality education.

This should make her constituents wonder exactly who she is representing in Madison, because it sure as hell ain't them.

ADDENDUM #2:  Well, we can make a pretty good guess at who Taylor is representing.  Thanks to a good friend of Cog Dis, we learned that Taylor was once named "DFER Reformer of the Month."  And not only did these education profiteers offer their verbal support to Taylor for selling out our children, they paid her pretty well too.

Is there any issue that Taylor won't sell us out on?

She's got to go.


  1. Plus she has.made some implicitly damning statements about MPS, which should interest those teachers and students in her district who might wonder who the fuck she is to say they do not provide or sit in quality seats.

  2. I sent her a Facebook message asking her to address the issues brought up in this article. I've supported her in the past, buy you bring up some very good points.

  3. I agree, the Marcus Garvey Beanpie Preparatory Academy of Excellence Institute definitely needs more funding, especially since the principal needs a new Mercedes.

  4. I'm outraged that someone is thinking idependently and not blindly adhering to ideological orthodoxy. What is this world coming to.

    1. Oh, for crying out loud! Can't you trolls come up with a new line already?

    2. I know. Can't they at least be a little original for the fun of it? I guess that's the definition of trolls: humorless lightweights, sadly lacking in punctuation skills.

  5. I didn't realize just how toxic Taylor has become to WI. You are right...she needs to go.

  6. capper -- you lose integrity with this slandering of Sen. Taylor. Is she perfect?

    Of course not.

    She won her district with overwhelming support -- she speaks for people that are not invited to the table.

    Shame on you for continuing what has to be a personal vendetta against a strong-personality that happens to be an African American woman.

    She is NOT walker's ally!

    She speaks the truth about MPS that can be dysfunctional to the extreme -- people inside the system, on conditions of anonimity will tell you its a cesspool. MPS has underserved her community for generations -- she supports public schools and is a product of MPS.

    In fact, her entire education -- and she is an attorney and member of the WI bar with an advanced degree, was done at PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES!

    Anyone that proclaims education reform is "off the table" in Milwaukee is a RACIST -- shame on you and the mindless faux progressives that believe that keeping people of color in their place serves "progressive" causes.

    The ongoing sniping at a democrat that MADE THE OCCUPATION IN 2011 POSSIBLE is dusgusting and undermines your sham cries of SOLIDARITY!

    Shame on you, capper -- you could or should know better -- there are much bigger problems. MPS does not deserve mindless support.


    These are the people in her district that re-elect her with 85%+ support.

    How dare you utter the word "solidarity".

    1. And yet the hard evidence shows you to be as false as she is. Go figure.

    2. The evidence shows YOU are false -- absolutely NO ONE can point to MPS as successfully serving multi-cultural communities and the schools in her district are among the worst in America.

      This was by design and an internal MPS memo has been published that reveals this was done intentionally after bus was put in place.

      Wisconsin is a racist state and Milwaukee is one of the most segregated racist cities in the US.

      WI has more African American men in prison than any other state (as percentage of pop).

      Wisconsin does not teach African American boys to read -- the gateway to prison.

      Shame on you for standing up for this and slandering a woman that speaks to her constituents -- she does have support of her community, despite the crap you post here.

    3. Oh, so that video is false? The email she sent is false? The donations are false? You make me laugh.

    4. No one ran against her. That is why she was re-elected. We will find someone to run against her. We have to find a good, honest candidate that will not "sell out" to the REPUBs.

    5. There are some already looking at doing just that.

  7. Your disrespect for the African American community and the African American experience is only exceeded by your repetitous bile directed at a strong leader that has overwhelming support in her community.

    Capper, you undermine every other post you ever make with these trumped up attacks.

    Coming off you huge "miss" with your endless speculation over John Doe, one might expect more now.

    1. Judging from what happened to Jason Fields and Elizabeth Coggs in the last election, I'm not too worried about your anonymous sniping. Again, the truth is there, no matter how much you might hate it.

  8. You lie!

    So how'd your daily John Doe coverage work out fer ya!

    1. Opinions + lies = this article is a pathetic joke.

    2. Tantrums + Trolls = A spot on bit of reporting.

  9. First of all, let's be clear. The voucher schools have NOT outperformed MPS schools.

    Second, Lena was once a champion, but she has sold out. Claiming to represent her district, she support voucher schools instead of support adequate funding for MPS which educates the vast majority of the children in this city. Voucher schools are an excuse for underfunding the education of all poor and minority kids. They are an excuse for turning public schools into another pile of money for those who push private for profit schools. Why should private corporations (run by people like Deborah McGriff, wife of Howard Fuller) profit from providing an even worse education for our kids than they get in the public schools?

  10. Vouchers privatization of any public 'entity' whether its schools, public service, utilities, health care, first responders, and prisons-military= No public accountability. Ever.

    Wild obscene profits for a very few, while lowering everyones quality of life. A little at a time.

  11. Wow, looks like Lena is afraid the truth is coming out since she's already posting anonymously on here. SHAME ON LENA, Wisconsin deserves more. Her time is coming to an end.

  12. What a biased, opinionated article. What happened to the days ehen journalism was based upon proven facts versus opinions? This article couldn't pass a high school writing course. What a waste of time to read.

    1. What does "ehen" mean, o wise one?

    2. It means you are a dickless dork cap ass.

    3. Can anyone understand what old jibberjabber here is saying?

  13. Of course the State Journal is taking up Turner's cause today in a front page piece in Sunday's paper RE Madison.

    Turner is selling out, public schools be damned.

  14. It's always unsettling when the people who speak out to defend you, only make things worse. The entrenched racism of our city and state are not being debated here, neither are the strategies toward education reform. So, Anonymous' frantic posts make for a clunky and conspicuous shield for the actual topic at hand: Lena Taylor's integrity and record as a public official. Let's not kid ourselves, every politician will barter away bits of their conscience in order to the play the game. The question is which bits, how big and to what end? I've read a number of threads about Taylor this morning. I'm not a constituent but I've been observant of her public persona. I appreciate the fact-based elements of this discussion. The racial diatribe, however, --and I'm an African American woman who will gobble up brilliant racial diatribe-- is irrelevant here. Defend her, Anonymous, please. You're the first voice in more than a half dozen websites to try and do so. Notice I said "try." Your tangential ranting here only proves that you don't like what's been said; I'd be curious to read something that suggests an alternate TRUTH.