Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wisconsin Soapbox on Cognitive Dissidence


The Wisconsin Soapbox has landed on Cognitive Dissidence!

Who am I? Well, I began blogging on my own site, Wisconsin Soapbox, since June of 2012 and have been slowly refining my craft since. The grammar isn't always perfect, the logic might not always be there for everyone, but it serves as my ventilation outlet for all things Wisconsin politics. After Governor Walker "dropped the bomb" in February of 2011, I knew I couldn't keep quiet any longer, and the Soapbox is a result of my noise.

So, how did I land here? Well, after having moved to Milwaukee in December 2012 for work and meeting Capper at a Solidarity Fish Fry, I was invited to join Cognitive Dissidence's most excellent line-up of bloggers. I plan on maintaining a heavy presence on my own site, but will also be cross-posting articles to here on occasion, or providing my own commentary as seen fit.

I would like to give a great shout out to Capper and the entire listing of authors for 1 Million hits on the site, and hope I can in some small way contribute.

Away we go!

(Cross posted at Wisconsin Soapbox)