Sunday, March 17, 2013

Don't Hold Your Breath For Those Mining Jobs

Despite Scott Walker's grandstanding and showboating, those mining jobs that are "shovel ready" won't be happening this decade, if ever:
“Supporters of the new law, including the governor, are completely misleading the people of Wisconsin—especially those looking for jobs—by saying a mining operation could begin in as little as two years,” [Sen. Tim] Cullen said in his statement.

Cullen was chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Mining last year when the Democrats briefly gained control of the Senate.

A pre-application process that would include borings, exploration and hydrological studies would take two to three years, followed by the Army Corps of Engineers permitting process that would take four or more years, Cullen said. Legal challenges would follow.

Cullen also pointed to a statement by Tim Sullivan, who heads the Wisconsin Mining Association.

Sullivan was quoted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Nov. 29 as telling the Senate Select Committee on Mining: “We’re not talking a year or two years. You’re talking five, six years out, potentially even further, depending on how the permit process goes.”
Of course, all the legal battles and whatnot could have been easily avoided if the Republicans did it the correct way instead of the right's way.

Remember, you can help the Bad River Band fight this irresponsible attack on the land.

You know as well as I do that the only reason Walker and the Republicans even passed this was due to the ungodly amount of money that the mining companies, the WMC and other greedy groups dumped on them.

Walker wants the money for his upcoming attempt at the presidency.  But before he gets himself up into campaign mode, he should remember what happened to other people that sold up their votes for the money of special interest groups.  People like former representative Jason Fields.

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