Thursday, March 28, 2013

More On Walker's "Book"

The other day, I wrote about how Scott Walker was having his memoirs published.

A few developments have happened since then.

One, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin have added seven more chapters to the book.

Two, a friend at work hypothesized that since Walker is such an inept speller, that at any book signings (like Sarah Palin's - shudder) he would have to just have his books rubber stamped.  At least David Prosser would be kept busy.

Three, it turns out that Walker used the Charlie Sykes' literary agent to get the book deal done.  We know how well that worked out for Sykes:

And lastly, it turns out that Walker didn't pick out the name of his book:
"We have different suggestions but…publishers have a good way of telling you what they think the title should be," Walker told reporters. 
Oh, how the mind just reels at the titles Walker might have come up with!

I think I'll just the gentle reader come up with their own possible suggestions...but do try to keep it relatively clean.

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