Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Republican Thugs - Fox News (update)

By Jeff Simpson

A  few months ago, we brought you the story in Michigan, where breitbardt wanna-be Steven Crowder was assaulted by union supporters.   We pointed out that while, Mr. Crowder was just trying to play the innocent victim, he was just a journalist who was trying to get a story, thats not quote how it happened. 

A Michigan County prosecutor, agreed with us!  

Crowder soon filed a police report following the December 11 incident. But the county prosecutor, Stuart Dunnings III, has now said that he will refuse to prosecute. Dunning explained that he viewed an unedited clip of the same situation — captured by The Young Turks — and that it clearly shows that the protester who threw the punch was first pushed down, and that it appears that he was simply acting in self defense against a larger crowd that first attacked him.

 “I’m not holding that against him, but why would they provide the edited video? The longer video clearly shows the guy got pushed down and came up swinging,” said Billings.

Why Indeed? 

Waiting for Fox News to end their relationship with Mr. Crowder, do not hold your breath!  


  1. Sounds like a MSNBC story to me.

  2. So why isn't anyone being charged with filing a false complaint or for assaulting a citizen exercising his free speech rights? A booking and a mug shot would be a welcome attitude adjustment for those Republican jerks. Once again, the criminals go free.

  3. So this might help explain why Scott Walker was not sent to jail like you guys promised beyond the point of libel.

    It's hard to find good help in these days of low morals. Must be "DPI's White Privilege" at work, eh? Vote for Tony and Ed!