Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Caption This Ego Trip

But try not to vomit on your keyboard:

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  1. Douchebag uber alles.

  2. Looks like 1938 in Germany, nasty.

  3. I thought he was running for president, but this makes it look like he's planning to replace God.

    1. Isn't that what he thinks of himself as already?

  4. 1st Church of F.U. -- Pay Me

  5. "People come up to me and ask me why I am always smiling. Then I think to myself...I'm a college dropout with almost no real world work experience. I have cost the taxpayers of Milwaukee County millions of dollars in payments to County employees for work that they were prevented from doing as a result of the furlough days that I stuck them with through irresponsible budgeting but I didn't get held responsible for. I got elected to be the Governor of a state with a long history of progressive politics, now I am turning Wisconsin into the Mississippi of the north. I have the worst job creation record in the midwest. I promised to create 250,000 jobs in my first term and I won't even be close to that. In fact, I have probably chased more jobs away from Wisconsin than I have created but most of the people believe me when I say that "it's working." I reject federal money every chance I can preventing federal tax dollars paid by Wisconsin citizens from actually coming back to Wisconsin to make their lives better. I have surrounded myself with criminals and a few of them have actually been convicted but there hasn't been enough evidence to indict me for my involvement. I should be in prison but instead I get to live in a mansion at taxpayer expense. I reward the rich for being rich and punish the poor for being poor and my approval rating is going up because of it. Why wouldn't I smile?"

  6. Stained glass windows at St. Walker Cathedral?