Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Ball Is In Abele's Court

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Wisconsin Jobs Now
There have already been four listening session for OUR Milwaukee, where the Milwaukee County Board is listening to the constituents for their input on what reforms, if any, should be made to the Milwaukee County government.

The overwhelming majority of comments made by the citizens point to the fact that people are opposed to AB 85, the bill that would allow Abele to usurp control of the county by removing any checks and balances.  A poll by Marquette University shows a 54-37% opposition to the bill with Milwaukee citizens.

Even though Abele hasn't bothered to attend any of these listening sessions, he knows what the score is.

So now the ball is in his court and he has a decision to make.

Will he uphold his oath of office and serve the will of the people or will he prove himself to be a petty tyrant by continuing to pursue his overreaching power grab?

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  1. I vote he will be the petty tyrant and his overreaching power grab. There is no evidence he will pursue any other path.