Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Gay Yin Yang

Here is a tale of two men.

One man running for office, has had a looooong political career who realized that he needed and wanted the LGBT vote to help advance his political career. From 8/25/94:

 BW: You've denied allegations that you called lesbians and gays "perverse." Why do you think a member or members of your church would come forward and make those allegations if they're not true?
MR: I think the reason they came forward was for political reasons. I gave the same remarks 10 times to 10 different congregations and no one came forward to me and expressed any concern. It was only when I became a political candidate that someone came forward. I think there's no question that my political involvement led to the [allegations] being made at all.

I can't speak to whether there was misunderstanding on the part of the listener or on the part of the speaker. I have spoken with individuals with that congregation and reviewed my notes of my remarks, there is no question but that I did not make the comments that are attributed to me.

BW: If not perverse, how do you feel about lesbians and gay men?
MR: I respect all people regardless of their differences. I actually made that very clear in my very first television advertising. I feel that as a society and for me as an individual, it's incumbent on all of us to respect one another, regardless of our differences and beliefs, our differences in sexual orientation, in race and that America has always been a place, and should be a place, to welcome and tolerate people's differences.

I personally feel and one of my core beliefs is that we should accept people of all backgrounds and recognize everyone as a brother and a sister because we are all part of the family of man.

The second is a man who makes a point of heading to all of the extreme "Christian" right groups to let them know that he abhors the LGBT community, and will be doing everything he can(if elected) to make sure they do NOT get equal rights!

During an interview with Focus on the Family president Jim Daly, Paul Ryan reassured the anti-gay group that a Romney-Ryan administration will fiercely oppose gay rights. Focus on the Family and its founder James Dobson have a long history of promoting anti-gay policies and ex-gay therapy, and earned a shout-out from Romney earlier this week while campaigning in Colorado, where it is headquartered.

Who is an "independent voter" to believe?

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