Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mitt & Paul Need Some Help!

Posted on ThePaulRyanWatch: Paul Ryan visits a hate group and vows to "fiercely oppose gay rights".

During an interview with Focus on the Family president Jim Daly, Paul Ryan reassured the anti-gay group that a Romney-Ryan administration will fiercely oppose gay rights. Focus on the Family and its founder James Dobson have a long history of promoting anti-gay policies and ex-gay therapy, and earned a shout-out from Romney earlier this week while campaigning in Colorado, where it is headquartered.
We know that Paul Ryan does not have time to explain how they will govern and he really doesn't have time(IE too scared) to debate Rob Zerban,

Since Ryan is so busy, and will "fiercely oppose" equal rights for the LGBT community, then we know they will have a very "manly" administration!  

To help ease the burden on the Ryan/Romney administration, I thought we could help pick his cabinet.   Maybe helping with this burden, Paul Ryan will be free to actually answer some questions for a change!

Here are a couple of my suggestions.  

1.  Marcus Bachmann for Secretary of the Interior:

2.  Republican state senate candidate John Macco, who will be looking for something to do when he loses too incumbent Senator Dave Hansen:  Macco would be a great candidate for Secretary of Health & Human Services. 

Who would be your suggestions?  


  1. If I remember correctly, James Dobson advocated that men save their sons from homosexuality by showering with them and displaying their penis. Yeah, that'll do the trick.

    It's nice to see that Ryan is classing up his act.

  2. Donald Rumsfeld for Romney's Defense Secretary

  3. I would start by calling them human rights, citizens rights or American's constituional rights.

  4. I think Michelle Litjens has dibs on Macco, once she finds out just how "manly" Robin Vos is, if you know what I mean.

  5. treasury secretary- tim russell.

  6. We have all kinds of talent here in WI that we can share with the nation! :)