Sunday, March 3, 2013

Deal With It!!!

Don Pridemore, is still running for State Superintendent of Schools, against incumbent Tony Evers.   Pridemore has a long list of accomplishments, as our new contributor Steve Carlson pointed out yesterday, unfortunately for the state of Wisconsin, none of his accomplishments are good. 

Pridemore decided to take his career of failure and roll it out to a statewide audience.  Predictably Pridemore's campaign tour, has shown to be less popular than a Kevin Federline concert tour.  Being in a party of an unlimited spigot of money, Pridemore has raised a whopping $2,412.   Barely enough to put flyers in West Bend, where he is thought of as too moderate.   Heck, right wing stooge Jimmy Wigderson isn't even on board, and he will defend pedophilia, as long as its done in the name of the republican party! As much as they disdain public education, they even know better than to put the monkeys in charge of the zoo! 


Recently Pridemore and Evers got together for a debate and Pridemore was able to give us a few gems.

In terms of turning our schools into a battleground:

Pridemore said it’s an issue of local control, and different school districts face different security issues. He said the same policy might not work for a rural district as an urban district, and local school boards and administrations should be allowed to set their own standards.

“If they want to hire an off-duty or retired officer or anyone else in the school that has training to deal with school security situations, I believe it’s their right and their duty to hire that volunteer in their school system and use them as they see fit,” Pridemore said “Arming every teacher or administrator in school is not my policy. It’s really the policy of the local community to set their own standards and not let DPI get in the way with some across-the-board, one-size-fits-all program.”

Pridemore is in favor of local control in temrs of how many guns you want in your schools, but he is against local control if you decide you would like to negotiate contracts with a union.   Memo to Bill Savage,  a bumper sticker stating : Unions Bad - Guns Good, will help you win the vote in Oostburg for sure!  However a tip from an admirer, I recommend using spell check before you go to print!  

Finally, as we all know, Bullying is a serious issue in America.   The effects of it have been felt all over the country, from suicide to mass murder.  It is something that many people have come together to address.  many people that is but Don Pridemore:

“Bullying is going to be with us,” Pridemore said. “We have to deal with it, and the most effective way of dealing with it is allowing teachers to react and respond to situations … and not necessarily create a set of rules that be followed for every kid.”

Just deal with it, is brilliant advice. However it does sound vaguely familiar.

Tony Evers on April 2nd!   

Vote like our public schools depend on it, because they do!  



  1. tony evers is not friend of public education either and LIES about the process of granting waivers to charter schools -- then he has DPI attorneys cover these lies up.

    This election is a sham and if you are mindlessly promoting tony evers, you don't know what you are asking for.

    The teabaggin' candidate is an @sshole and dangerous -- but in the end, tony evers will get behind the same results.

    But he is going to do it with your blessings -- WTF?!?!?!?!

  2. Hey Anon, you are absolutely right. Also, Evers is the one who is giving college/licensure credit for "real life experience" as though there is a teacher shortage. (There isn't.) This process devalues every single teacher's license and college degree.

    I wish there was another option to these two putzes.

  3. While I will agree that I am not enamored with everything Evers has done, you are crazy if you think that they are equal....send Evers a democratic Assembly and you would see a different agenda.