Friday, March 8, 2013

MacIver Institute Strikes (Out) Again!

Just yesterday, I reported on how the MacIver Institute punked itself by exposing a spoof site showing the foibles of the maleficent mining bill.

Not being ones to rest on their laurels, they actually managed to surpass themselves in their inanity.

This time, their blockbusting scoop was that a woman had a dream!

These trolls went through people's personal Facebook pages looking for something, anything, that they could use to demonize the people opposed to the mining bill.  (Maybe the group should change their name to the McCarthy Institute of Wayward Stalkers.)

What they found was the Facebook page of Karen Tuerk, a staff member at the University of Wisconsin, who had stated that she had a dream that involved a tornado, Scott Walker and a knife.*

Nick Novak, the spokesman for the institute then tried to tie in this one random post about a dream and Ms. Tuerk's opposition to the mining bill, although he never does say why these two things would be in any way connected.

Well, not being a two bit hack like anyone at the MacIver Institute, I thought I'd do some real research and you wouldn't believe what I found!

Not only is Ms. Tuerk a self-admitted dreamer, she also eats food!  Namely fish, just like the kind one might find at the Solidarity Fish Fry.

Ms. Tuerk is the second from the left, holding up her fork.  Obviously, she is one dangerous woman!

I also noticed that Ms. Tuerk was breathing air that evening.  That can lead to only one conclusion - insert drama music please - she's a real person!

A couple of things should be noted here.

One, it's not surprising that Ms. Tuerk is opposed to the mining bill.  Most Wisconsinites are, by more than a 2:1 ratio.

The other thing is that Novak is a blatant liar.  In his post, he wrote:
MacIver News Service reached out to Tuerk to allow her to respond to her facebook [sic] post, but requests have gone unanswered.
Novak did indeed try to contact Tuerk, but he did get an answer.  Just not the one he wanted:

click to embiggen

There is something really disturbing about this though and I am truthfully afraid for Ms. Tuerk's personal safety.

Ms. Tuerk is an attractive, young woman. And here we have an obviously disturbed man who is stalking her on Facebook, knows where she works, knows what groups she belongs to and/or supports and then lies about her in order to try to make her change her behavior/attitude- signs of an obvious control freak.

I would strongly urge Ms. Tuerk to contact the police and file a report. There is no telling what someone like this might do.

I would also strongly urge Novak to seek out professional help before he gets into real trouble.

*I'm a little rusty on my Freudian interpretations of dreams, but with the presence of a tornado and the fact that Walker is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, I would say the obvious interpretation is that Walker is the Wicked Witch of the West.


  1. Wingnut welfare is a marvelous thing and McIver is performing a valuable public service by keeping some of Madison's most socially deranged perverts off the streets during business hours. It's a true ship of fools.

  2. Since you know more about this and say I. And if you really feel this woman is in danger. They you as a citizen must report this to the police. After every tragedy the call goes out to get involved. Granted they most likely will do nothing. But by making a report and something happens there is a starting point for investigation.

    R Johnson

  3. The police were at her house before the MacIver story broke. It wasn't to protect her.

  4. It always amazes me, the Governor seriously considered adding agent Provocateurs into the protests(where I spent many days with my then 4 and 7 yr old children) and no one seemed to care about that. He only didnt do it(even though he had the resources and ability to) because he felt that harming a bunch of women and kids might not be the best political move for him.

    Someone says they had a "dream" where they harmed the Governor, with no intentions or resources to actually do it, and stop the presses....what a horrible thing!

  5. Walker is quoted in Marley and Stein's book that he would give "air cover" for Senators in exchange for Act 10. Immediately after came MacIver's campaign in support of it, and the Koch-funded ads.

    The problem is that MacIver is tax-exempt, and can't be coordinating with Walker. As are the Koch "charities". In addition to being hacks, they're chickenshit, and probably violating the tax code