Monday, March 4, 2013

Mayo Thanks DPW Workers, Abele - Not So Much

After last week's horrific dumping of snow, Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo took time to publicly thank the plow drivers and bus drivers for their hard work and dedication:
Milwaukee County Supervisor Michael Mayo, Sr., District 7, has issued the following statement to recognize the Milwaukee County Transit System, Mitchell International Airport and the Milwaukee County Department of Transportation Highway Maintenance Division:

“Thanks to the many men and women who put in long -- sometimes overnight – hours, the people of Milwaukee County were able to get to their jobs, work, school and other destinations as necessary, despite heavy snowfall and potentially dangerous conditions.

“I would like to thank the workers of the Highway Maintenance Division for their diligence and a job well-done during the recent winter snow event.

“Similarly, Milwaukee County Transit System bus drivers exercised sound judgment and caution to move people safely throughout the County.

“At Mitchell International Airport, the snow team battled 10 inches of snow around the clock to keep the runways open; unlike at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, where hundreds of flights were canceled, the weather’s impact on travelers at Mitchell was minimal.

“I also want to thank the people of Milwaukee County for their continued support of taxpayer-provided services. The investment in keeping our shared transportation systems safe and effective is one we can all take pride in and appreciate.”
Meanwhile, Abele was too busy trying to trick people into supporting his hostile takeover of Milwaukee County so that he could slash the plow and bus drivers' pay even more.

In other words, the Board congratulates county workers for keeping people safe in a treacherous storm, Abele couldn't give a fig about the people or the workers.


  1. In madison, december right before xmas, we had 18" of snow. The city did a crappy crappy job clearing streets and, since this was the first snowfall of the year, this made the streets a disaster for weeks and weeks (actually, even now).

    The mayor repeatedly told everyone what a great job the city did and the noooooze media repeated this endlessly.

    With today's propaganda-machine, there is no real reason to provide services or serve the people, your TEE-VEE and the local rag sheet will tell you what to think

    I don't know what happened in Milwaukee, but it has been a disaster here despite what was reported in the media.

  2. In the Milwaukee the statement by Mayo is accurate, the worked did a good job at least in my neighborhood, Riverwest we are doing good.

  3. Horrific?

    When did you move up here from Florida you pansy?

    1. You do know people died in that storm, don't you?