Monday, March 4, 2013

Neophyte nASS

By Jeff Simpson

Wisconsin Assemblyman Andy Jorgensen, is one representative who understand why he is in Madison.  To serve the people!   Rep. Jorgensen recently had a jobs bill(finally) passed with strong bi partisan support

MMAKE Package Passes Assembly with Broad Bipartisan Support

MADISON- Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly overwhelmingly supported
Assembly Bills 37 and 38, also known as Marketing Manufacturing and
Keeping Employees or MMAKE package of bills. The bills were presented
with a strong bipartisan coalition of Assembly legislators, authored by
Representatives Andy Jorgensen (D - Fort Atkinson), Jeff Stone (R -
Greendale) and Scott Krug (R - Rome). 

The first piece of the MMAKE package, Assembly Bill 37, directs the
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to organize a
manufacturing trade show, to help businesses of all sizes create supply
chains. Assembly Bill 38 directs WEDC to create a state-wide marketing
plan for small and mid-sized manufacturers as well as produce
advertising materials and a website showcasing their products.  Under
the plan, Wisconsin would also send ambassadors to trade shows in other
states and other countries, to promote Wisconsin-made goods and broker
new contracts.

"I am proud to say that as chair of the Small Business Development
Committee, the first bills we passed were bipartisan bills that focus on
helping Wisconsin's manufacturers," Rep. Stone said. "I'm equally proud
to see that bipartisan support extended through the entire State
Assembly which passed the bill overwhelmingly."

"What we saw today was a great example of members on both sides of the
aisle choosing to set partisan politics aside and focus on economic
growth and job creation. With these simple plans, we are taking an
important step toward economic stability and strength," said Rep.

Well  far right extremist and dead beat dad Steve nASS was very offended by this!   SO offended that nASS  felt the need to break the law and use his taxpayer funded computers and time to send out some campaign related material on the taxpayer funded government email system.      The following email was sent out to everyone in the legislature from nASS's email:

From: Rep.Nass 
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 4:41 PM
To: Rep.Jorgensen; Rep.Stone; Rep.Krug; *Legislative All Assembly
Subject: RE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MMAKE Package Passes Assembly with
Broad Bipartisan Support

Here is a great reminder of what Rep. Jorgensen really thinks of
Republicans and bipartisanship:

Andy Jorgensen on Bi-partisanship.

Steve Nass 
State Representative 
33rd Wisconsin Assembly District 
(888) 529-0033  Toll-Free (Wisconsin Only) 
(608) 266-5715 

nASS felt the need to send out a poorly edited campaign video from the epically failed candidate Evan Wynn's campaign(no wonder he lost), in a very weak attempt to smear Representative Andy Jorgensen for working to pass a bill bipartisanly!  

Thats what a petty immature ridiculous legislator and person that  Steve nASS is.   It is a shame that the people of his district keep sending someone who is quite obviously not up to the task, back to Madison.   Apathy has its consequences. 

It is a good thing though that Rep. nASS wasted our time and money with this little illegal stunt,  because if it was his staff that sent out the email, the consequences would be even greater!  

a. Keep campaign activity outside capitol. Your campaign activity must be away from the capitol and other state offices.

More can be found on Charlie Sykes "White Wisconsin" website , in a post written by "Madison Confidential" .... gee, I wonder who that is?  

Listen to Representative Jorgensen tell the story on Sly!


  1. I'll say it: Nass is an ass.

  2. If it's illegal, what's being done about it?