Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pat Said What?

By Jeff Simpson

Capper brought us the story last week of how Pat Roggensack likes to make up her list of endorsers and that she forgets about $20,000 in campaign donations.   Now we find out that she forgets what she just said

Meanwhile, the debate reignited over the 2010 exchange between Prosser and Abrahamson - with Roggensack and Abrahamson disagreeing over whether Prosser had apologized. Prosser did not return a call Wednesday.
In February 2010 Prosser called Abrahamson a "bitch," said he would destroy her and told her "it won't be a ground war."
Roggensack said last December that Prosser's comments were inappropriate but that he had immediately apologized for them.
"The incident that occurred was inappropriate, and he apologized right way," Roggensack said then.
But in a statement emailed to the Journal Sentinel this week, Abrahamson said, "Justice Prosser has never apologized to me."
Asked Wednesday about Abrahamson's statement, Roggensack said she was confident that Prosser had apologized but that she did not know when. Roggensack contended she never said Prosser had done so "right away."
"You must have put the 'right away' in there because I can't tell you when" he apologized, Roggensack said.
Roggensack made her original comment on Dec. 28 to a number of reporters. A tape of her remarks shows she twice said Prosser "apologized right away." When Roggensack was told Wednesday her earlier comments were taped, Roggensack said, "You know, if you've recorded it, print what you've recorded. This is why you and I have trouble communicating.
"You want to play 'I gotcha' with me, you don't really want to know what I have to say."
She would not answer whether Prosser had apologized directly to Abrahamson or had made public comments that Roggensack considered an apology.

If she has such a spotty memory and can not remember what she just said, how is she fit to hear important cases in the highest court of Wisconsin?  

She isn't!

Vote Ed Fallone for Supreme Court of Wisconsin!  

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