Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CLXVII

Scott Walker said that after the protests, then after the recalls, then after the presidential elections, that certainty would return to the state and that businesses would flock to Fitzwalkerstan and bring a quarter million jobs with them.

Yeah, it was just another one of his many, many lies:

Southeastern Container said Thursday it plans to close its Beloit plant by May. The plastic bottle manufacturing plant employs about 50 people. 
In a letter to employees, the company said production is being moved to Bowling Green, Ohio, and Effingham, Ill. Workers will be offered the opportunity to transfer, but only 10 positions will be available in Effingham and eight in Bowling Green. Workers would be eligible for severance pay if they do not seek a transfer.
Well, he was honest about one thing - there is certainty in this state.

We're all certain it's not working.


  1. Has anyone been tracking the + and - of the jobs? Just wondering if the state is up or down in the count since Walker took office.

  2. Nice work gathering all that information. With that sample size I can be certain that it is not working..... Are you serious?

    1. 167 examples aren't enough for you? Very well, I was going to continue with it anyway.

  3. wait till the furloughs start kickin in.

    oshkosh corp.- camp douglas-- marinette ...