Friday, March 15, 2013

Walker: If You're Gonna Lie, Lie Big!

Obviously fretting about how poorly he is doing at creating jobs, Scott Walker went out for a Hail Mary by issuing a jobs report claiming that he miraculously and unexpectedly found an extra 67,000 jobs laying around that no one had counted before, once again showing himself to be the Kathy Nickolaus of job creators.

Fortunately, we know better than to believe one word that comes out Walker's mouth.

The actual numbers reported by a source that does not have presidential aspirations riding on successfully bullshitting the people shows us that since Walker has taken office, he's cost the state 15,900 jobs.  And when compared to neighboring states or to the nation as a whole, Walker's epic failure is even clearer:

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There are a couple of other things missing from Walker's desperate damage control press release.

One is that despite his grossly exaggerated claims of job growth, the state's unemployment rate jumped from 6.7% up to 7%.

The other thing that Walker failed to mention, and will continue to tail to mention, is that the jobs he is "creating" are part-time, low wage jobs. Is it any wonder that the state's average income is dropping like a rock?

The only thing he'll have to run on his cutting taxes and lowering the state deficit.  That is until someone mentions that he hasn't cut taxes and he is borrowing money like mad to cover up his ballooning deficit.


  1. Republicans cannot govern without lying. Consider how Republicans framed the 47% who pay no federal income taxes. The right wing echo chamber claims that the 47% are all dependent on government welfare. They ignored who these Americans really are. They are seniors on Social Security. Soldiers in combat zones. Millionaires who game tax laws. Working poor. Very few are actually on welfare. So when Romney was recorded parroting the right wing mythology about the 47%, and the media explored who they actually are, Romney’s campaign imploded.

    Scott Walker is following the Republican modus operandi of lying. His base believes him. But most of the rest of Wisconsin’s citizens will see through his lies as the state unemployment rate rises while he claims job creation.

    1. Hell, Walker believes his own lies. To him, his lies are the truth. Isn't that the mark of a delusional person?

  2. A Big Lie that Republicans believe is government spending does not create jobs. Look at the latest recession in Great Britain caused by the Conservative government’s austerity budget.

    Walker and the Republicans cut the take home pay of state public employees. He cut state funding to school districts forcing job cuts. The trickle down of these budget cuts meant less spending in local communities at restaurants and retail. That trickles down further into fewer jobs in Wisconsin.

    Government spending does stimulate the economy. Cutting government spending contracts the economy and eliminates jobs.

    Wisconsin sees the results of Walker’s policies with the jump in the state’s unemployment rate.

  3. Better yet, wait till Monday, when you get to see where the other states stand. Even if you believe the revisions (I think it's possible- the numbers still suck with them), it means nothing without that context.

    Which the Walker folks know, which is why they pulled out that lie right before the recalls, since there wouldn't be time to get the national figures

  4. I wish there was a "like" button for this blog, because "Kathy Nickolaus of job creators" is the aptest thing I've heard in a while.

  5. John Foust--it's from Todd Milewski at the Cap Times. Google "Job growth under Scott Walker"--it's the first thing that comes up.