Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Is Senator Lena Taylor Hiding?

Last month, I called out State Senator Lena Taylor for her betrayal of her constituents by signing on as a cosponsor of the power grab bill being pushed by State Representative Joe Sanfellipo and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

I was not the only one angry about her treacherous ways, as evidenced by this video*, where she tried to defend her selling out her constituents and her friends:

You'll note how she was not only trying to shout down her own constituents, but was lying to them as well. I am hearing from more and more people that this piece of garbage bill might not have the votes after all.

And now there is more cause of concern regarding Taylor. She apparently has something to hide regarding her role in this fiasco, per Cory Liebmann, who's been looking into who's behind this power grab:
For my part, I want to understand more about what exactly may have brought us to this point. What has been going on behind the scenes and who has been involved in all of this careful and expensive planning? What does that information tell us about the possible motives at the root of the effort itself?

To hopefully find some of these answers I've filed a number of open records requests with a variety of public officials that have publicly forced this issue in the first place. Most of the officials have at least initially responded to my records requests and some with a notable and welcome amount of speed. Time will tell, as I work with them to obtain various public records, exactly how open each elected official will be to such scrutiny.

After three full weeks only one public official has failed to even acknowledge receipt of my open records request and sadly that is my own state Senator Lena Taylor. It is still a mystery to me as to why she was so quick to sign on to this legislation. There certainly is no groundswell within her district for this legislation, so I am very interested in reviewing the public records that I've requested from her. Some have already speculated about her quick support of this legislation but I am withholding judgement at this point. However doing things like ignoring open records requests into the matter will only feed those kinds of theories.

Those that are pushing this Milwaukee County legislation the hardest should be the first to allow the sun to shine on all aspects of it. Only then can we have the full and substantive discussion that Milwaukee County residents actually deserve.
As Liebmann notes, the records, when she finally releases them, might prove things to be very different, but for now, her lack of response whatsoever, in combination with the above video, surely should give one pause to wonder.

*The best line of the video comes near the end where Taylor is defending her vote for concealed carry by saying even Mother Theresa carried a gun.


  1. Capper, thanks for staying on top of this. I used to think Lena Taylor was going to be one of the great senators of our state, but it appears she's changed over the past year, and one has to wonder what that is all about.

  2. Now she isn't liberal enough for you. LULZ!

    1. There is right and wrong, and then there are idiots like you.

      It doesn't MATTER what side of the aisle you're on--if you vote for stripping citizens of their rights to elected representatives, you suck.

    2. Aw, the "Knots" are back, "LULZ".
      Really, haven't you a job, Mr. or Ms. Knot?
      Have you nothing better to do (LULZ), than to go about "attacking" (LULZ) representatives with whom you do not agree (LULZ)? (I laugh incessantly, because the depth and breadth of your respective educational level(s) is questionable, at best).

      If one were to give the "Knots" (LULZ) any thought at all - all, what, 40? of them... one would wonder these kinds of things:
      Can they spell?
      Do they have teeth?
      Do they use deodorant?
      Do they have lice in their hair?
      .. that kind of thing, because clearly they're as dumb as (LULZ) the nonsense they write.

  3. How dare she think for herself and pledge 100% loyalty to your ideological orthodoxy.

    The nerve.

  4. Maybe she is a Republican in a Democrat's clothing?

  5. Update posted at Eye on Wisconsin concerning Lena Taylor's response to the records request.

    UPDATE: I just was informed second hand via Twitter that Senator Taylor is putting the records responsive to my request in the mail today. If this is true I appreciate it very much and look forward to getting them.

    Interesting indeed.

  6. A Republican in democrat clothing???

    She ain't mature enough.