Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'm Trying Ringo

This looks like it's going to be a promising site:
Again, what the hell do Pulp Fiction and Ringo have to do with education? See ending scene where Jules, a man who has killed many men for their wrong doings (usually screwing over his boss), has an epiphany of sorts. Throughout the film, Jules recites from the bible Ezekiel 25:17, to each victim while they’re looking down the barrel of his 9-millimeter just prior to him killing them. However, towards the end of the movie one of the men they go to kill unloads six rounds on him and his partner. All six bullets manage to miss both of them, how I have no idea. This “miracle” shakes Jules to his core and he decides to quit cold turkey his murderous line of work. After the killing spree, otherwise known as the whole movie, the two go to a diner for some breakfast. While enjoying pancakes and hot coffee, although not as good as Jimmy’s gourmet coffee, a random armed robbery unfolds at the diner. Remember, the righteous Jules would normally take matters into his own hands and kill the evildoers. But this time it is different. Jules lets Ringo live thanks to his new revelation of clarity and mercy. Essentially, Pulp Fiction is the murderous journey of a man’s evolution in life and faith. It’s about openness to thinking differently, leaving righteousness behind, and shepherding Ringo out of the valley shadowed by death.

This blog is an evolution of my thinking. I’m making a professional commitment to continue learning first-hand about all systems of education, and leaving both sides of righteousness behind. I’m making an effort to ‘shepherd’ others.
And don't worry, it's been added to the blogroll so you can go check him out whenever you want.

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