Thursday, July 4, 2013

Target Misses Mark With FEED USA Campaign

Target has a new promotional scheme in which they are claiming that if you buy certain products from them, they will make a donation to provide meals to children and families across the country.

It sort of gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling.

But this is an absolute failure.

Target's first problem is that they are anti-union and refuse to pay their employees a livable wage. They are so anti-union that they have violated national labor laws to prevent their employees from unionizing.  They have even hired union actors to make an anti-union video for their new employees.

Their other problem is that the items they are selling in order to feed American families were all imported, presumably from places like China, Bangladesh and Burma, where they don't have unions, labor laws or respect for the workers or their lives.

How about this? If Target is really serious about feeding American children and families, how about they start by buying and selling American made products.  And then they can start paying their own employees livable wages so they can feed their own children and families.

Just sayin'.

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