Friday, July 5, 2013

Kyle Wood's Remorse

By Jeff Simpson

 "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

An event happened recently that flew under everyone's radar - Kyle Wood was sentenced to 30 days in prison.  

Kyle Wood, who claimed to have been beaten in his apartment because he is gay and did not support Mark Pocan for Congress, was sentenced to 30 days in jail Wednesday after pleading guilty to obstructing police.
Wood, 30, of Madison, took up valuable time that police and emergency medical personnel could have been using for real emergencies, Dane County Circuit Judge William Hanrahan said.
“You concocted the story and corroborated it with injuries,” Hanrahan said. “This is quite simply bizarre and outrageous.
 While it is sad that Mr. Wood was so in need of help mentally that he injured himself in such a way, it is even sadder how the right wing media and hack bloggers were all to ready to capitalize on this story that everyone knew from the beginning had holes in it bigger than Scott Walker's College transcripts!

Three of the more well known righty bloggers were the ones to band together and get Wood's fake story out there as often as possible.   Charlie Sykes from White Wisconsin and  Brian Sikkkma from mediatracKKKers could not tell the story quick enough or loud enough.  

 Although Sikma has since deleted the post and put up a different one in its place, here is a flavor of what he wrote, thanks to Google Reader and another right wing blogger who was one of the many that fed into the story, but like Sikma, deleted their post:

A series of shocking text messages purportedly from Philip Frank, the partner of Democratic State Representative and Madison-area Congressional candidate Mark Pocan, threatened a volunteer for Pocan’s Republican opponent days before the volunteer was found beaten.

Last Wednesday, Kyle Wood, a full-time volunteer with Republican Chad Lee’s Congressional campaign, was beaten inside his home in Madison by an unidentified attacker who claimed that as a gay man Wood should be supporting the gay candidate for Congress.

The text messages obtained by Media Trackers allegedly show Philip Frank, Pocan’s partner, making sexually-charged comments to Wood before threatening him and making racist statements about the spouse of Chad Lee. The messages were apparently sent two or three days before the Wednesday beating, according to Wood, who is alleging to investigators that the messages came from Frank.

After mocking Wood for supporting the Republican candidate, Frank is accused of writing, “Remember your station in life and remember not to cross the husband of a powerful man. You are on shaky footing as it is, push much farther and you won’t have a future in this town, or any other.”
The news was so big that Sikma was breathless on Monday morning as he shared his story with Charlie Sykes on Sykes' squawk radio show.

But guess what. Even though Sikma claimed that he had verified the story, and the thing had taken off nationally, it turned out to be another lie.
 OOPS....then Wisconsin's biggest paid hack, who perpetually tries to claim he is a journalist, Christian Schneider used his column space in JSOnline(since deleted with no apology) to perpetuate this same lie:

Science Fiction Writer and WPRI paid hack Christian Schneider wrote a fable the other day, one of his best pieces of work.

Beaten for being a gay republican!  Over 1300 words of pure republican bliss!

The story however had one major tell:

To date, Wood has been reluctant to talk to any media, especially on-camera.   “I’m not going to win Princess Kay of the Milky Way or anything anytime soon, I look a little rough,” he joked.

Wood was reluctant to talk to the media because he knew he was lying, however his fake story had to be told so he chose people who were NOT the media.   Schneider of course, The Daily Caller and mediatrackers for some examples to make sure and get their message out to as many people  as possible before the house of cards fell!

This was yet another great example of how the echo chamber works.  They make up a story and a couple people run with it, allowing fellow paid and unpaid hacks to repeat repeat repeat!   Wisconsin reporter, Crazy Fred Dooley , Alpha Male Randy Hollenbeck and  Boots and Sabers(owen deleted the story like it never happened- no apologies or retractions) to name a few!   

The sad thing is that Kyle Wood is remorseful and is spending 30 days in prison.   The three stooges of Sykes, Schneider and Sikma all are still pushing BS propaganda and not a single one was even slapped on the wrist.  

Sad day for Wisconsin.

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  1. The bitter irony of Wood's false accusation is that Mark Pocan himself, earlier in his life, had been beaten with a baseball bat by two men for being gay — and that was the motivating event in his life for going into politics. To turn this around and invent a trumped-up "gaybashing" charge in order to try destroying Pocan's campaign was an utter inversion of history.