Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wiggy to The Rescue


By Jeff Simpson

The whole Paula Deen(I would have to know who someone was to worry about what they were saying) incident, was a non story and one we gladly ignored on our blog.  However right wing paid defender of all things republican, Jimmy Wigderson rode to the rescue!  

In a blog post entitled Saving Paula Deen, he writes

From the little I’ve gathered, some years ago she said, “n*****” without rapping. Now, most of us who are adults know that you can’t use that word.

Get it...see the code words there?  "without rapping".....Because its the exact same if a white racist  who idolizes plantations and felt that black staff members would have to use their own bathrooms and not be seen by her friends(among many other things)  or if a rapper uses the word in one of his songs

No difference!  

Then says most of us who are adults know you "can't use that word"....yet uses it perpetually throughout his post(none in context)!    Wiggy jumped on the chance to use the N word as often as possible, it appears to be a therapeutic post for him.  

However to be fair we all know Wiggy sees no color.**

** In the voting booth because he has a career of working to stop minorities from voting!  

Ladies and Gentlemen...your republican party!    


  1. Wigderson's logic is the same justification right wingers use when they call President Obama a N***** and then claim they are not racist.

  2. Then the GOP wonders why it can’t attract black voters.

    1. Hey, why worry about attracting black voters, which might require *listening* to them and perhaps even changing(!) your public statements and policies accordingly, when it's so much easier to enact rules and restrictions to keep them from being voters at all? No black voters, no problem -- the GOP can go on its' merry racist way.

  3. Hey Wiggy, You need to push away from the buffet table a little sooner. Damn boy, When's the baby due !

  4. I reckon there's at least 400 excess pounds in that photo. Sooie!