Friday, August 17, 2012


The latest ad from Tammy Baldwin:

You can't go wrong with a strong populist message and clearly drawing the line.

But I do have two criticisms of this ad.

One, the narrator ends with the line, "Tommy Thompson, he's not for you anymore." Um, when was he ever for me? As governor, he raised my taxes and privatized my job in child welfare, which only proved to be more expensive to the taxpayers and deadly to the children.

Two, I still think that "Stick it to him, Tammy!" would make a better line.


  1. it's bad form to use his name at the end. It's the last name your remember. Better would be. "Tammy Baldwin. She's for Wisconsin. She's for you." or something like that

  2. Well, he's still the most beloved politician in Wisconsin since Bob La Follette, so "He's not for you anymore" is going to work a lot better than "He never was for you."

    Rightly or wrongly, the vast majority of people look back fondly on the Thompson days, so the most effective strategy is going to be to say that he's "changed." Anything else is simply going to seem like rewriting history for most potential Obama/Thompson voters.