Monday, August 20, 2012

When Political Gotchas Backfire

When Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele fired his parks director, Sue Black, last Thursday, the county and the state were abuzz with the news. There was a lot of speculation and a lot of misplaced anger regarding the move by Abele.

True to their nature, the right wing propagandists were jumping on the news without having any information, all in order to score some cheap political points.

Charlie Sykes gave Abele a shout out in his "Deep Tunnel Awards* and called him sleazy.

James Wigderson, rent-a-columnist for the MacIver Institute, took time to take a few potshots at Abele as well.

Kevin Binversie, employee of the Koch Brothers, also felt the time to show off his lack of proper grammar by writing an adolescent screed comparing Abele to Kim Kardashian and smearing Abele's leadership skills. (Yeah, this is the same guy that sings the praises of Scott Walker and Ron Johnson.)

Even though I've never been an Abele fan, I recognize the fact that Abele rarely does something on a whim. Sure enough, it turns out Black deserved to be fired for putting the taxpayers at risk in a corrupt piece of corporate welfare.

The wing nuts' malicious and off-base attacks do show two things about them.

One, their concern was never about the taxpayers, it was all about getting and maintaining control so that their masters can keep on profiteering off of us.

Secondly, it doesn't matter what the truth is, they'll just make it up as long as they go along. Then they wonder why people don't take them seriously and consider them to be propagandists instead of the journalists they claim to be.

*Now Abele and I have something in common other than our first names. Now if we could only get that money parity going too...

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  1. What was in it for Black?

    "Follow the money".

    It will be interesting to see how she benefited from these corporate deals. Bet she got more than a dog.