Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Are Wisconsin And We Are Going To Vote In November

This video was put out this afternoon by AFSCME, in advance of the Scott Walker's speech at the Republican convention:

The fight is no where near over, no matter how much the Republicans and their corporate overlords wish we would give up and be good little thralls.


  1. Very true words from We Are Wisconsin: we are not going to let your union-busting agenda happen.
    I have actively canvassed for We Are Wisconsin in the Fond du Lac area for the last several elections. It's something I believe in doing.
    In November 2010, Scott Walker won his campaign, and the Assembly and Senate went Tea Party. This was pretty galling--since the Tea Party IS NOT out to save this country--and they won by a small 5% margin. This they somehow made out to be a mandate: Act 10 was rammed through.
    Democrats have to show up to the polls to cast their one votes. Those votes add up to a victorious majority--if we show up.
    Please canvass if you can, organize your friends, and let's defeat this whole Tea Party agenda.

    1. P.S.--
      Although I no longer am a union member (currently self- and under-employed), their cause is right. Economic justice is something everyone should want. Just like FDR's 4 freedoms!
      If it wasn't for unions, we wouldn't have a middle class in this country. History shows that despotic rule comes without a healthy, strong middle class.

      Only 70% of registered voters voted here in Fall 2010, the vast majority dissolutioned Democrats.
      Get out and vote: your life depends on it!

    2. Why aren't you a union member any more? Is economic justice less important to you now, than it was before?

      I don't know your business, but let's suppose that you're self-employed as, say, a dog walker. You could form your own union of dog-walkers. The lot of you could go on strike for higher wages or better benefits, forcing those rich fat-cats to walk their own dogs.

      You could picket the houses of your customers, and fling poop at their front porch.

      Fight the power, Anonymous.

    3. Yes, Pastafarian, you really don't know my business, and I prefer not to know yours. I formerly was gainfully employed as a professional musician; I was in the music union, gladly paid dues,too.
      I left the music group I performed with because I had differences with a few others in our group--music wasn't an enjoyable experience, not because I hated unions.
      I am currently self-employed, could use more work, and am a student of the English language, as well as history.
      You're Mr. Sarcasm, Pastafarian--try reading a history book. Maybe your Noodle will be stimulated enough to get through the dope-fuelled haze.

  2. Noodlesmoker,

    Is that how you resolve your issues? Flinging poop? Are you one of those gorillas that learned to use an iPad?