Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some Oddities In Latest RGA Ad

The Republican Governors Association has an video touting the Republican governors that are at the Republican convention this year. But there are some things about the ad that are rather odd about it:

The third oddest thing is that they are touting Governor Luis Fortuño of Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico doesn't have delegates and aren't allowed to vote. Is he the token person of color for the convention?

The second oddest thing is that they don't have Scott Walker saying anything. For that matter, he was added to the convention list of speakers as an afterthought and definitely does not have even third rate billing for the event. Is this because while the propagandists in Wisconsin try to pump him up as a rock star, people are afraid to be associated too closely to him because of his failure to create jobs, his dictatorial rule leading to protests wherever he goes or the fact that John Doe is breathing down Walker's next and they are slowly trying to step as far away from him as they can so they don't get sucked down with him?

But the oddest thing about the ad is that they have not one positive thing to say about Romney. Well, that's not odd, because there really aren't any positives to Romney's campaign, considering almost a third of Republicans wish someone else was their nominee.


  1. Mitt is the millstone which will sink the party in the presidential race. Down ticket the rats can flee his ship and fend for themselves.

    I think the lack of light on Walker is to avoid negative comparisons with Ryan's lack of actual accomplishment.

  2. Shorter Christie: "I'm singing a song, but I'm not singing you a song."