Friday, August 24, 2012

Can I Have A 48" Riding MRI Please?

The most amazing thing about Republicans is that they let each other speak. Here's Sean Duffy's idiotic comment of the day:
In a radio interview with WIXK host Jeff Patterson on Wednesday, Duffy equated lawnmower shopping with getting a colonoscopy. His argument was that Americans have "no clue" how much the medical procedure costs, but the lawnmower's price is obvious at checkout.

"You're talking about cost controls," Duffy said. "First of all, do we have cost controls on lawnmowers?"

Patterson noted that a lawnmower is different from heart surgery, for example.

"Because you have competition," replied Duffy. "And so if you have competition within the plans, you have a right to purchase in the exchange of Medicare, we believe that that competition drives prices down. And when we see markets work in competition in any sector of the economy, we see higher quality and lower prices. And that’s what we’re advocating for within health care."

Of course, purchasing a lawnmower is not as easy as navigating the complex marketplace of health care options. If a consumer cannot find a lawnmower in their price range, they can shop around or simply wait. The worse things that could happen are an unsightly yard and the eventual ire of their neighbors.

Cancer patients, however, cannot afford to wait, and even if they opt for the cheapest treatment, it may not be the best product available on the health care market -- and they might not be able to sort through the complex intricacies of insurance to find that out.


  1. Unless I'm mistaken, isn't Duffy now PUSHING for the very thing that the Obama health care law is designed to do?
    That's really strange, considering that Scott Walker is refusing to abide by the law by not forming the required state health care provider exchanges.
    "...And that's what we're advocating for within health care?"
    Sorry, Sean, but I think Obama had that covered in his health law, and your party is refusing to follow the law.

  2. Duffy, who says he can't make it on his $174,000 Congressional salary isn't in a position to lecture the public on the value of anything.

  3. I want that lawn mower right now! Make it snappy, I've got a lawn to mow! I'm feeling an impatience about this not unlike what I'd feel if I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease!

    Either that, or he's suggesting that Congress should provide all Congressman with new lawn mowers.

  4. Yes and he'll probably get back in. I saw the latest commercial some group put out on how much money he's taken from special interest groups. The average person could care less since all politicians do the same.
    This man put his name twice on the annual Job Fairs in Wausau and the first one he stole from the Veterans. And he did that after voting to ZERO out funding for job training and severely cut funding for Job Centers.
    Over 2000 people in the last year have been laid off in the Wausau area just from plant closings alone. Most use the Job Centers and many are getting retrained. Many also attended the Sean Duffy Fall Job Fair AND the Sean Duffy Spring Job Fair and think this man gives a crap about the unemployed. These are the bi-annual Job Fairs that the Job Center provides...Sean Duffy just demanded his name go on them. I even had one person tell me, "Dave Obey sure never did anything for the people that lost their jobs."
    Why isn't this a commercial, especially in the Wausau area? Dems always assume people are smarter than they are and informed. Republicans know better, and that's why they win.

  5. One more thing on the Job Fair's the Republican's reply to it. Like I said, Republicans know people are stupid. All Sean Duffy did is show up for awhile and put his name on it.

  6. Duffy is clueless. I recently had major surgery with a variety of tests and implants to consider. I called my doctors, my insurer, the hospital and researched the web, all of which took days and most of which is probably beyond the ability if not patience of your average citizen, and certainly even more difficult for seniors. Upshot: I found it nearly impossible to compare costs for different hospitals, devices and so on. It's like comparing apples and oranges for one thing. For another, no one in the medical industry really wants to share their proprietary information. You can find out in general how expensive a hospital is likely to be for a given procedure, but that's confounded by what deal the insurer decides to cut with the hospital, or impose on it. Circular logic. It's impenetrable. Whereas, yeah, I can find out in a second how cheap a lawn mower is at a given hardware store. That's not comparable to health care complexities in any sense at all, of course. Duffy is a fool, an ideologue, or a foolish ideologue.

    1. It's all O'Bummer's fault!

    2. Obama made Duffy a moron and a fool? How'd he do that?