Tuesday, August 14, 2012

With Friends Like This, You’ve Got Enemies

The race is the 10th Wisconsin assembly district has become needlessly ugly over the past few weeks.
Just got another mailing piece, which is part of the blizzard on behalf of state assembly candidate Millie Coby. And once again, this is another mindless attack on her opponent Sandy Pasch.
Like a blood sucker, the group American Federation for Children (AFC), has latched onto the Coby campaign because she is pro-school choice. African-Americans like Coby rightly or wrongly see school choice is a solution for failing schools.
The AFC is a front organization for the De Vos family just over on the other side of Lake Michigan. This right wing clan has made their money through the Amway party pyramid scheme system, and while their company deals with cleaning products, their reputation is anything but.
As usual there is no truth in packaging in the right wing because their backers hate unions more than they love children, and for them school choice is a cynical tool for the removal of teachers’ unions from our educational system.
Having been through a candidate forum in Shorewood, the then four candidates for the office came off as civil and respectful.
Of course civil and respectful have no place in the world of the AFC. Pasch has been portrayed as an out of touch suburbanite. Most egregious of the crap dished out by these liars is a statement where Pasch is quoted as a saying “those kinds of things (racial profiling) were obviously not that much of an issue in Fox Point or River Hills.”
Turns out she never said that in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article cited in the mailing piece. The actual statement reads "Those kinds of things were obviously not that much of an issue in Fox Point or River Hills, but these are big issues in the 10th District."
Pasch now has something in common with the President, who has been lately attacked through the tool of selective editing.
The De Vos family likes to portray themselves as Christian of course, but somehow for them, lying has fallen off of the stone tablets known as the Ten Commandments.
And for Sandy’s part, her career in the state assembly has been all about helping the needs of areas as the urban area of Milwaukee. The mailing piece charges that she is unconcerned about the incarceration of Afircan-American men, when if fact she has gone after our state’s costly prison system which has unfairly incarcerated these men.
Tear away the ruse of the AFC being concerned about the conditions of the members of Milwaukee’s minority community, and you’ll find that the organization and the De Vos family are light years away from caring about urban areas. Policies that the De Vos’ have backed through their political support and through the American Legislative Research Council have among their prime feature advancement of income inequality.
These polices which lead to starving municipal budgets and sending jobs overseas, have been devastating to country’s central cities. And they want us to believe they support the needs of our children?
Millie Coby is an earnest woman and by all indications could make a fine member of the state assembly. But you have to question how much she will be controlled by the AFC.
There have been questions whether the suburbanite Sandy Pasch can represent all parts of the 10th, when in fact her record in the assembly shows she is more than up to the demands of the district.
I'm all for increasing the number of minorities in the state legislature in proportion to their numbers. But putting in people who run the risk of representing capitalists rather than the people of the district is not the way to do it.
As for Millie Coby, she is already off to a bad start by selling out Milwaukee’s central city to the AFC.


  1. Thanks. This is very sad. Hope Sandy can pull it out.

  2. I voted for Iehsuh Griffin, proud of my vote.