Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MY Thoughts on Today's Primary

Ok some quick thoughts on the election....Tommy won and its time to introduce the new tommy to the electorate.  People need to know he is the older, crazier, meaner version from the old days.  He cant walk back the fact that he had to go crazy to win the primary.  

I also cant wait to see the "tea party" pretend that they like tommy all along despite all of the things they said about him.   I would guess we havent seen a flip flop like this since mitt got the nomination.  

Good to see eric hovde get humiliated, despite spending millions.  That speaks to the idiocy of rojo.  Wisconsinites had enough of spoiled rich lightweight brats...

Jeff Fitzgeralds showing says that after all the walker dirty work he did, he had zero support showing how much the money in the repub party care about pushing their agenda and NOTHING or NO ONE else

Mark Neumann's special brand of hate will hopefully never win another election again!  

Compare/Contrast this primary to the dems big primary in the 2nd Congressional district.  Where the more negative that Tommy went, the better his numbers.   In the Democratic primary, Kelda Roys went negative and she lost all of her support.   What was shaping up to be a close race, turned into a blow out.   I guess really bad consultants run deep in the Democratic party! 

Finally it was good to see all of the Scott "Scooter" Jensen candidates get beat.  Anyone that associates with him shows themselves to be the loser that Jensen is!   There is no room in the Democratic party for candidates who associate with the likes of Jensen!  

Your Thoughts??  

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