Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Remember Mitt??

With all of the hoopla surrounding Paul Ryan (R - Ayn Rand) lately, we have kind of forgotten about Mitt Rmoney. 

I thought I would re-introduce you to Mr. Romney: in case you forgot, Mitt Romney is a very bad driver, has no problem abusing dogs, is not connecting very well with minorities and would LOVE to tell you about his energy program*.  

As we say here, "but wait there is more"...Mitt also does not like firefighters, police officers or teachers (even though he likes to impersonate police officers), was the father of "Obamacare", can really pack in the crowds, and has a hard time trying to say anything nice about Paul Ryan!

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AND is also a VERY BAD singer/dancer:

O yeah! He also spends more money on Horses than you will ever see in your lifetime!

*as long as your a big donor and there are no reporters around to hear, we do not want the general public to hear about it BEFORE the election.  

There is your everyman Mitt Romney, who understands "your pain"!

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