Monday, August 27, 2012

American Taliban!

This could be the best, most honest two minutes in all of television!


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  1. I am impressed with this clip. So succinctly put, but thorough as well. Well done.

    1. 'The Newsroom' can really nail it when they're on. And this segment was definitely ON. We need more journalists who will call it as it is, and not as the politicians say it is (I'm looking at you, Journal-Sentinel and State Journal).

      I think Chris Matthews must have seen this episode, given the way he humiliated Reince Priebus today for the GOP's racism and outright lies.

  2. The fantasy world of Sorkin, if only people thought it can happen.

  3. Makes me wish I could afford cable TV. But I can't thanks to Scott Walker.

    Not easy being a third class citizen.