Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who's Ashamed Of Whom?

With the Republican national convention coming up in a week or two, the line up of key speakers is beginning to gel.

Three names most notably missing is George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin.  Imagine that. The most recent Republican President, Vice-President and candidate for Vice-President are not going to be at their biggest event in the past four years or in the next four years.

My question is why won't be there? Is it that the current regime of Reince Priebus is so ashamed of their failed past that they keep them hidden, not to be talked about, like a crazy uncle? Or is that the old guard is so embarrassed of the new great white hopes that they don't want to associate with them?

Judging from the Wasilla hillbilly's reaction, it looks like she was snubbed by Team Rmoney.

But what of Bush/Cheney? Did Dubya get lost in the brush again? Is Cheney in his secret location, waiting to unleash the next apocalypse?

Or maybe the Republicans are taking a tip and are planning on just doing a remake of the old days.

We already have George (Scott) Walker Bush who is doing is best to rack up the deficit and cause another economic collapse even if on a state level instead of Bush's national level.

Maybe they can get Rebecca Kleefisch to come in and play Palin. I hear they do have a few things in common besides similar looks...

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