Wednesday, August 22, 2012

They Built This!

The republicans will embark next week to Tampa for their national convention!  While you will not see Sarah Palin there, you will see the Tampa Bay Times Forum Arena, which was built with 62% Government funds! You will also see the whole republican party run from Paul Ryan's record , a spike in business for local strip clubs and prostitutes, and ---- 

You will also see this billboard!



  1. Makes me want to move to Tampa. Wonderful billboard! Go Tampa.
    I'm envious.

  2. So what happened to Detroit, Philly, Milwaukee???

  3. I didn't know it was legal for Democrats to hold office in Florida.

  4. Yes, I wish we had smart strip club owners here in Milwaukee like this guy from the huff. post link:
    A few blocks from the Penthouse Club, another strip club owner, Joe Redner, said he has high hopes for what the convention means for business at his all-nude club, Mons Venus. "I'm guessing we'll make five times as much in a night as we usually do," Redner told HuffPost. "Republicans got plenty of money. They take it all from poor people," he said.
    Apparently he believes in trickle down economics. I, would think he would be hoping for a big secret service turnout.
    Thanks for the laugh.

    1. Oh boy.
      You are so right, IMBR. Your fine example of trickle down economics at a strip club illuminates the true nature of the Republican economic and social plan.

    2. Not to mention what Republicans think of women.

  5. Oh, and I expect a better photoshop of the billboard next time. This one was kind of amateur.

  6. Imustberacists: Your comment about the photoshopped billboard is a perfect example of why I have a hard time talking with conservatives: intellectually incurious.

    Why not take a minute to google "Tampa" + "billboard"?

    Yes, the above is an illustration of an actual billboard that Ruth's list in Tampa paid for-- it's location will be at the intersection of I-275 and Armenia.