Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Republican Thugs - Desperation Edition!

Some more magical moments that the "tea party" has wrought us: !. From our neighbors in Minnesota
Authorities are investigating a possible threat to President Obama after a burned cat was found staked to a tree stump using an American flag, next to a Obama 2012 campaign sign. Longfellow Park, the site of the incident, is located in southern Minneapolis. The park is also used as a polling area. Minnesota primary elections are being held Tuesday, August 14, 2012. It is not known if the display has anything to do with the local election. The display drew the attention of law enforcement agencies from all over the Minnesota area, including Homeland Security, The FBI and The Secret Service who investigate every threat made against the president no matter how benign.
Isnt that special.... Now from our friends in Florida.....
20 year old Joaquin Amador Serrapio Jr is facing 5 years in federal prison for threatening the life of President Barack Obama back in February, to which he has now plead guilty. The date of sentencing for the single felony charge of threatening to kill or harm the president is set for August 22nd. My research reveals that Serrapio considers himself a musician and has an official Facebook page with a small following. The only post from Serrapio was created November 30, 2010 that linked to a YouTube account that has been deleted. The email address "" is asked to be used for bookings. It seems at this time, however, that the only 'booking' going on will be Serrapio being booked into prison. A self described, "republican conservative" Serrapio pined on his MySpace page that, "i'm cool. I am a republican conservative. And currently doing mixed martial arts.So if you'd ever pull a knife or a gun on me on the street, id laugh in your face...Seriously."
One more from the Shark's son in Las Vegas:
Danny Tarkanian, a Republican House candidate in Nevada, accused his Democratic opponent, Steven Horsford, of pretending to be black and taking the African-American community for granted. Horsford is the state’s first black Senate majority leader. Tarkanian told the Las Vegas Review Journal last week that he could reach the black community in the district, touting his ties to local basketball programs. His father, Jerry Tarkanian, is a legendary former University of Nevada-Las Vegas basketball coach, and Tarkanian played for UNLV in the early 1980s. “My dad’s worked in that community for a long time. And my mother has,” Tarkanian said. “My basketball academy, which is very close to the district, has a lot of players and families in that district that are in our academy now for 10 years.”
Running on your dad's accomplishments seems to be a theme this year! They could have never gotten the idea to push the race card from the Mitt Romney campaign could they???


  1. Thank you for the links. The tea party is so extreme I cant keep up with all of the stories! I had not seen these...the "tea party" must be proud.

    One thing to note though...the tea party always distances themselves from these loons ---- AFTER the story has made it public and gotten plenty of play!

    1. Today a security guard for the Conservative Christian Family Research Council was shot at the Council's headquarters in Washington D.C. Do you libs take responsibility for the loon who shot him?

    2. I don't. I think he is wrong to do that. So are these other people. This is not the wild west. If you want your own policies to be enacted you have to participate in the process. Many people in office appear to be corrupt. We must encourage others to vote and vote ourselves. Not just on polarizing issues like abortion, but on people who will help make our country a good place.

    3. Why does the "Christian Family Research Council" need a guard?

      What are they guarding?

  2. "For all of Serrapio's tough talk, he lives at home with his mother."

  3. Carl, if the libs had as much violent rhetoric as the right, had as much insistence on having guns to protect their 'freedoms', then they (we) absolutely should take responsibility for it. I bet that you will see, soon, a prominent Democrat stand up and condemn what has happened. You never, ever, never, hear anyone on the right doing that, ever.

  4. Was it Tim Michaels?