Thursday, August 23, 2012

Paul Ryan & the GOP - Disastrous for Women

Almost all Republicans (unless you are Mike Huckabee) have been trying to distance themselves from Todd Akin and the ungodly moronic claim he made the other day about "forcible rape" and how a woman's body just knows to "shut down" their biological functions when they have been raped. So no baby, right? Yeah, not even close. That's not how babies are or aren't made. Our bodies don't just say, "Oh, was that rape? Okay, baby factory shut down ENGAGE."

I know this picture has been floating around the internet the past few days, but it's so incredibly true.

Now Mr. Ryan, as is the rest of the GOP, is trying to pull the wool down further over the voter's eyes. He's doing interviews and suggesting his anti-choice stance isn't as god awful as it is. As he said, "Rape is rape. Rape is rape period. End of story." But a perfect voting record from the house Pro-Life caucus really tends to make one believe otherwise, don't you think? Y'know, it's situations like this that truly put the C-O-N in the word conservative.

In congress, Paul Ryan and Todd Akin are pretty close anti-choice buddies. They sponsor stupid anti-choice bills together, they talk about stupid anti-choice bills together, they vote on stupid anti-choice bills together, so it's pretty safe to assume that at least some of the rape beliefs Akin holds, Paul Ryan also holds. And as it turns out, that's an incredibly safe assumption. We all know about the plethora of idiotic bills Ryan has introduced on behalf of anti-woman advocates (But let's not forget, of the entire time we've been paying him to be in congress, only 2 of his bills have ever passed) but none are as alarming as Personhood bills (which would ban contraception and abortion) and redefinitions of rape bills.

Let's make a connection! Todd Akin and Paul Ryan serve together in congress. Paul Ryan is now Mitt Romney's running mate. They're running on the GOP ticket. Republicans want to add to their convention platform this year a constitutional abortion ban, leaving no exceptions, so it's pathetically disingenuous that the GOP immediately left Akin in the mud and started backtracking on their stances. Guess what Republican party? no American is falling for it. You must think we are REALLY stupid. There's nothing in your anti-choice history that will ever be able to redeem you. Romeny and Ryan, and slew of Tea Party congress and senate candidates, want to come into power, and control a woman's body. Plain and simple. They're salivating at the idea.

Please be diligent about your reproductive health, regardless of your gender. There's only one president and vice president who are working so hard, despise GOP roadblocks, to protect your health and that's President Obama and Vice President Biden! Vote in November for those who have your interests in mind!

Obama/Biden 2012!

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  1. It's time to stop talking shit. More about how to vote. More about how to get the IDs. As much as I appreciate what you do, talking shit isn't going to accomplish anything, you're preaching to the choir.