Tuesday, August 14, 2012

David Clarke: A Discredit to the Uniform

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went beyond the pale with his latest tantrum.

There is no justification to trying to politicize the death of a deputy, not to mention misrepresenting the facts, in order to try to score a cheap political point and to avoid responsibility for his own vulgar behavior.

Details at Milwaukee County First.


  1. Quite interesting that he was given a forum on talk radio yesterday and after hearing him give his side of the story, I believe he doesn't get along with Milwaukee's county board, but not that he doesn't do his job with the conviction he needs.
    Without AM radio, his voice would not be heard. You say we have corporate media, I say there is still a bias. And AM radio serves to expose that bias.
    And if you didn't hear him, you should broaden your news sources, unless you like being treated like a mushroom. Kept in the dark, and fed bull$&!T.

    1. ROFLMAO! Clarke was quoted in the paper. Clarke also was able to send out press releases. His voice was well heard, which is one of the reasons he is in such trouble.

      Now, since you apparently weren't aware of these facts, I think we both know who's been in the dark and eating up the BS. (Here's a hint: It's you!)

  2. He did say he got one line of quote in the story. Did you hear him yesterday? Or like Walker have you already made up your mind and the facts don't matter anymore? You are even less open minded than I suspected.