Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wisconsin's Not So Purple After All

Well, most of the results for the fall primary are in and, for the most part, it was a very strong showing for the true blue Wisconsin, shining through the pall of the the Fitzwalkerstan haze.

Here in Milwaukee, all of Scott Jensen's Democrats got their asses handed to them. Sandy Pasch dominated Jensen's Millie Coby. Mandela Barnes crushed Jason Fields. Union leader La Tonya Johnson left Tracy Dent in her dust. Evan Goyke routed Jarett Fields. Nikiya Harris trumped Elizabeth Coggs.

I would say that was a pretty resounding rejection of the education profiteer's agenda.

More telling is the fact that Daniel Riemer, son of David Riemer, ousted the conservative Democrat Peggy Krusick. The old guard is starting to fail and it should be a clear message to some of the older school Democrats that business isn't as usual anymore.

Even the Republicans sent their own message. They denied Eric "Wall Street" Hovde. They turned down teahadist Mark Neumann. They laughed at Scott Walker's pet, Jeff Fitzgerald. Instead, the Republicans ended up settling for the most centrist candidate (which isn't saying a lot), TOMMY!! Thompson. I'm afraid I might bust a gut laughing at all the anti-tax teahadists suddenly coming out in support for Mr. Stick It To 'Em himself.

But this doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination that the war for our state's soul is over. This was just a skirmish. We still have to contend with the deluge of out-of-state special interest cash, the propagandists and the all-too-easily-tampered-with electronic voting machines.

But, by George, I think we can do it. In fact, I KNOW we can do this! The fact that Rmoney's pick of Rayn being second only to Dan Quayle in the blah factor is a good sign that we can do it.

It will take a lot of hard work, an ever vigilant eye, and all of us working together to keep this momentum going.

I'm game. Are you?


  1. Very peculiar, as Tommy had the fewest ads by far, let alone any campaign visibility "out here" at all.

    Was it the local incumbents from the legislature that helped him?

    Like a mafia, they are...

    1. Never underestimate the bar factor.

    2. People who think Walker is too polarizing think that Tommy Thompson is not as bad and will bring back the good old days. Also, older people vote in primaries. Especially primaries in the summertime. I would like to know the average age of voters in that primary. Students are moving, people with families are still on vacation. The primary shouldn't be in the middle of August if you want people to vote.

  2. Capper, great post.

  3. Hovde's ads were increasingly negative and narcisstic; the teahadists split their vote three ways and ol' TT was the default winner. But I think he'll look old and past his time against Tammy. By the way, I like jumbling Ryan into "Rayn," as in, "rayn of terror," possibly.

  4. I am game and will help Tammy anyway I can--canvassing, make calls. etc. etc.

  5. Nice sentiments but Tommy T is going to beat Tammy B no amtter what we do and that is a fact you are just going to have to live with. Having Tommy T win the primary was the worst possible outcome for people who wanted Tammy to win.

    1. Oh, thank you for letting us know, we give up now.

      NOT !!!!!

      Good luck to you. Isn't democracy cool?


  6. Yep, I'm game. I got deputized to register voters today. So far I only registered 3 people, but since it was the first time out doing this ever in my whole life... not bad.

    I am going to set a goal of 25 people, then, if I get that done, I will try for 100. My idea is to get enough people registered to make a difference in an election.

    It is fun and easy. I am out of shape, but find that walking to the next spot on my list is more motivating than just taking a walk for exercise. I recommend canvassing or registering voters to everyone.

  7. lets not forget in a hardcore republican race 2 out of 3 republican voters rejected tommy thmpson

  8. As a conservative Democrat, I'm offended by you calling Peggy Krusick a Conservative Democrat.

    She's not a conservative Democrat, she's a crazy person.

  9. Results from Tuesday are really good. A sign of good things to come and that things are starting to get turned around. The more people know about what the Tea Partiers are up to, the more people in general will find out how they're getting screwed by these people. Things cannot continue to go to the 1%, not in a real democracy.
    Milwaukee's rejection of voucher/school choice "Democrats" really throws a wrench into their agenda. The real Democrats won by big margins.
    This shows the power of sharing information the lamestream media won't touch.