Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Walkergate: Betcha Rindfleisch Votes Early

So far, it's been Kelly Rindfleisch week at the court system. And it's only Tuesday.

I pointed out last week that Rindfleisch was again trying to stall things by filing yet another leave to appeal request.  It's still pending, but I'd expect that it will have the same level of success as the last one did.

Meanwhile, back at the Milwaukee County Courthouse, there's been two hearings in as many days.

The original hearing was set for Monday, but Rindfleisch's attorney, Frank Gimbel, didn't file his motion until yesterday, so it was adjourned until Tuesday.

There were a couple motions before the court. The prosecutor had filed a motion for the use of certificates, which was allowed.

The defense wanted to suppress evidence found during the enforcement of search warrants and to have the case dismissed outright.

And as you might have imagined, the motion was denied.

The final pretrial hearing is scheduled on September 14 and the actual trial is scheduled for October 15.

As one might note, both dates are well before election day. I would say it's a safe bet that Rindfleisch will be voting early, to make sure it gets counted for the last time she can legally vote. (Remember, felons can't vote.)

Also, if she does vote early, it shows how she expects her trial to work out.

My guess is she's already sent in her absentee ballot.

And I think we know where her loyalties lie and who she'll be voting for:

Maybe they could make that their new slogan: Romney and Ryan - the felon's choice!

But as we wait, you know what my advice is:

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