Thursday, August 16, 2012

Job Center Is Doing A Job On Taxpayers

For anyone who has read my stuff for a long time, going back to even my early days at folkbum's rambles and rants, I have been consistently calling out Scott Walker for using government property, personnel and money for political purposes.

This behavior of his has led up to the John Doe investigation commonly referred to as Walkergate.

But despite being under investigation for illegal politicking, Walker just keeps on doing it, even as governor.

This screencap of the Job Center of Wisconsin website which was sent to me earlier today by one of the twitterati:

Look at the bottom part where they have their twitter account posted. To help, here is a close up of that section:

As the gentle reader can plainly see, Walker is using this official government page to promote the propagandists who promoted him to the people. And the tweets they're reproducing are definitely political in nature*.  That is not what I would call as an appropriate use of tax dollars.

*I do find it humorous that for someone who claims not to be worried about the Walkergate investigation, he's helping his propagandist pals who are feebly and ineffectively trying to debunk it.


  1. I can't believe that is legal. How dare they have one of those stupid lies about Michelle Obama there. How can we stop this. Shame on the GOP!

  2. What, is Mediatrackers Scooter's own private little publishing co-op? They're disgusting with propaganda. "Fishing expedition" my behind. More like: "They're STILL doing this illegal crap?"

  3. Has anyone noticed the recent change on the Job Center of WI site - to even look at job postings, one now has to divulge his or her Social Security number?

    1. What????

      That sets you up for identity theft.

      What are these people thinking?

  4. Walker killed a good thing. Another good thing.

  5. As Capper points out, Walker's politicizing of the Job Service website in such a brazen fashion is pretty reckless in the face of the ongoing John Doe Investigation. It is made even more despicable in light of the recent jobs report from Dept. of Labor that shows Wisconsin continues to lag behind the rest of the nation in jobs creation The Duke of Shitterton shows once again he's willing to sacrifice Wisconsin itself in furtherance of political warfare. Let's hope the John Doe indictments come soon enough to put a stop to this nonsense while we still have anything left of our beloved state.

  6. Not surprising since Sean Duffy stole the Veteran's job fair last fall from the Wausau Job Center. He also put his name on this years annual Spring Job Fair given by the Job Center and Dept of Workforce Development. All the while voting to zero out funding for job training programs and funding for Job Centers. Where are those commercials? Especially in the Wausau area, where the layoffs and plant closings have been massive, people need to know that he is the enemy of unemployed.

  7. ", operated by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and the Wisconsin Job Center system, is a Wisconsin-centered employment exchange, linking employers in all parts of the state and in communities that border Wisconsin with anyone looking for a job."

    Someone needs to formally complain to DWD and get this stopped.

  8. Meh. MediaTraKKKers. Enough said.