Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wisconsin's Republicans are too Literal!

We all know that there is a "war on women" being waged by the republican party! The problem in Wisconsin is that some of our republicans have taken their marching orders literally! 

Of course there is the old stand by of David Vanderleest. Who apparently does NOT smoke rocks or beat his family!!

Now Mr. Vanderleest is running as the republican to represent the 90th Assembly district!!!

Eric Genrich will be opposing Mr. Vanderleest on the Ballot in November!

Let's hope the good people of the 90th district do the right thing and send David home to do NOT smoke more rocks!

Unfortunately for our great state, Mr Vanderleest is not alone in disgusting allegations.
Republican Bill Feehan, State Senate Candidate for the "fighting 32nd" has actually been charged with Domestic Battery(but later cut a deal).

From the police files(do you really want to vote for someone you can use that intro with?)

According to court records, Feehan was arrested in September 2000 after an argument with his girlfriend at the time. The girlfriend had accused Feehan of leaving her stranded at a La Crosse bar after a disagreement and then taking a dog from her apartment. He maintained that the dog was his.

She told authorities that she went to his residence, rang his doorbell and when he didn't answer, began throwing boxes and other items from his garage. In response, she said, he came outside, grabbed her by the throat and choked her, tossing her to the ground - something he denied. He accused her of kneeing him in the groin; she later acknowledged that she had done this but said it occurred while being choked.

Police described Feehan as difficult during an interview and after his arrest. "He remained beligerant (sic) and cocky throughout the encounter," wrote Sgt. Dale Chroninger of the Holmen Police Department. In October 2000, Feehan was charged with misdemeanor counts of battery and disorderly conduct.

Three months later, prosecutors reduced the charges to an ordinance violation, and he pleaded no contest.

Then we find out that in order to win, he is going after the David "Ike Turner" Prosser Supporters!!

In an interview last week, Feehan said he was wrongly accused.

He added that those guilty of domestic abuse do it repeatedly. He said he has only the single allegation from years ago on his record.

It was not his fault(do republicans ever take personal responsibility)and besides he only beat her up once!!

Is that the man that anyone wants representing them in Government?

Vote Jennifer Schilling in District 32!

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