Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan Has Nothing but Contempt for his Constituents!

Just look at how he treats them! Here is video of paul ryan(R-Wall St.) and his wife getting ready to walk in the labor day parade in Janesville, WI. A constituent comes up to pink slip paul and asks a legitimate question.

Q: Do I need to work for $1 an hour to be competitive with China?
 A. paul ryan: Would you like some candy? Packer/Badger Schedule?

The look on his face is pure contempt that this plebe is bothering him. You can also see the look on his wife’s face that she can’t wait to shower the smell of the lower class off of her.

This is who the people of the 1st Congressional district of Wisconsin want representing them in Congress? Also be sure to check out how he holds on for dear life to the stroller using his kids as a human shield. What a brave warrior he is.

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  1. "Just here for the parade"

    "let's just focus on a good time..."

    NICE SUBURBAN, Mr. Modesty!