Monday, August 20, 2012

The Walker Budget Keeps Working! Part CXXXVIII

The headline on this story kind of says it all:
Job Center to close
And the story:
A group of government and nonprofit agencies is working to maintain a place where unemployed people can go for help after the Marshfield Job Center closes later this year.

The Job Center will close because of a lack of funding from the county and other sources, said Brandon Vruwink, Economic & Employment Service Division manager for the Wood County Human Services Department.

About five years ago, the state reorganized the Job Center pool to create comprehensive centers that would have forced the Marshfield site to close. But county, city and Workforce Development officials combined their resources to keep the Marshfield Job Center open at reduced hours, Vruwink said.
So not only is Scott Walker not creating jobs, he's making it even harder for people to find the few ones that are left. Un-freaking-believable!


  1. I just talked with someone on Friday who said people in the Park Falls area have to travel to Rhinelander's Job Center. Just another way they are socking it to the poor. They're expected to travel halfway across the state to get a voter id, or to find better work. Gas is up again, their employers won't let them take off work, they get fired if they take a day off, it goes on and on and on.

    Class warfare? What silly fodder we throw around.

  2. All this is due to the austerity measures enforced on our government and economy. The austerity is due to that there was an international financial meltdown circa 2007-08, caused by Alan Greenspan's policies. The meltdown went global because there was no laws like Glass-Steagal in place to contain the damage to just the U.S.
    This austerity didn't work in Greece and Europe, did it? How many died because of this--here, there & everywhere?
    Act 10 is all about austerity. It took away the rights of public employees to collectively bargain. It also shifted funding from the state to the localities, so that the locals would have to pay for government services. Coupled with the mantra of no new or higher local taxes, the locals must now fight amongst themselves to come up with solutions to the problem of having their government services operate.
    Wanting to "save" money, the locals then bring up cuts to and outright elimination of some services. The privatization issue is raised.
    Last I checked, it takes money to make more money. The money used to fund job creation is supposed to be about job creation, so that companies hire employees so the company can operate in their quest for maximum profits.
    Is this really happening? It doesn't look like it to me.