Friday, August 24, 2012

I Can Quit Blogging Now...

I have seen the most ironic thing that ever could be:
There’s a simple message that can propel a Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan victory in Michigan, according to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

The truth, Walker said while campaigning for the Republicans in Grand Rapids Thursday.

“If you have the truth and enough people are willing to spread the truth, you’ll win,” Walker said. “The truth is on our side.”
You can't even write a parody of a human parody like that.


  1. 'We create our own reality.' - Karl. Rove, October 2004.

    And just yesterday, Romney said that fact-checkers could come from both sides. Uhhhh, not in the real world, Mittens. Facts are independent things, and exist outside of what you'd like them to be.

    But because our media is gutless (or paid off), people like Walker and the shills at 620 and 1130 can make claims that aren't called out for the BS they are, and therefore can become 'the truth' to a lot of dimwits.

    1. But don't you know all the media is liberal. I love when they say that. Of course they are!

    2. I'm not so sure AM radio is the media. Other than the news reports on the half hour they are just providing commentary. Unlike newspaper and TV reporters they are only commenting on news that has already been reported.
      It's like calling John Stewart the media.

  2. The truth, yes that's what John Doe investigations and Federal grand juries are in the business of digging out. Tell it to the Judge Scotty.

  3. Scotty may meet up with a courtroom with a judge and a bible in it. What will he do? What will he do? I bet he takes the fifth instead of telling the truth.

  4. Jake is right about the Rove approach here, or is Orwell's? Reince on WTMJ previewed Walker's convention speech, saying the message would be that Walker kept his promise.