Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Melrose Place in Madison

Ever since the Walker administration took over, it is like Melrose place at the Capitol. Affairs, attempted murder, divorce, secret agreements, abuse of women, drinking, guns..... YEE HAW!!!!!

 If only someone there was serious about actually governing!


  1. The Republican party has made a tremendous transition over the last five decades along these lines:

    pro-egg & sperm--->pro-rape.

    Well done ladies and gentlemen, now light your fires and burn the infidels.

  2. You forgot the guy who was fired because of sexual harrassment last year. From the jobs department.

  3. Take a look at what the Texas retired business man who lit up his wife actually did for a living...

  4. Yeah, but then one would actually have to be present to do that. Scooter seems to be on the lam constantly, doesn't he? Probably just being prudent, getting practice in for when he really needs to take it on the run.

  5. Does Michael Best & Friedrich handle divorces?
    Maybe they could give the Republicans a group rate.

  6. maybe they included it in theier secret redistricting rates...maybe they had to redistrict ex wives(and ex husbands)out of their districts