Friday, August 31, 2012

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch Is No Bigot

Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, along with most of the top Republicans of the state, has been in Tampa all week at the Republican National Convention.*

For whatever reason, Politico thought it would be appropriate to get her opinion of Condoleeza Rice, who gave a speech at the convention. (Her speech, by the way, was in a more prominent time slot and was better received than Scott Walker's.)

Anyway, Kleefisch could not stop gushing about Rice, but in a less than flattering way:
“There aren’t enough exclamation points to say how I’d feel if she ran in 2016,” said Wisconsin Lt Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch. “Her story [of being raised in the segregated South] is so inspiring. She could have just shrugged her shoulders and accepted mediocrity like others around her probably did.”

"Like others around her?!" Really?! She's inferring that the other African Americans are lazy or unmotivated? If she wants another prime example of someone who doesn't accept mediocrity, I would remind her of Mahlon Mitchell. He tried to rid the the state of mediocrity and even worse.

Given that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan embody the same type of inherent racism, is it any wonder that recent polls show a full 0% of African Americans are going to vote for them?

At least Kleefisch's racist statement wasn't as egregious as her comment about gay marriage and gay rights was:
“This is a slippery slope. At what point are we going to OK marrying inanimate objects?” Kleefisch stated in the radio interview. “Can I marry this table? This clock? Can we marry dogs? This is ridiculous and biblically again I’m going to go back to my fundamental Christian beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman, and no matter what you say, the people in Wisconsin have spoken on this issue.”

Kleefisch later apologized for her "poor choice of words." But she was only sorry for the words. The underlying bigotry and hatred, she was just fine with.

Now if she utters something that is anti-Hispanic or misogynistic, then we would have concrete proof that Kleefisch is no bigot. She'll have proven that she hates everyone equally.

*It shows you how little Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch matter. They're both gone all week seemingly leaving no one in charge. But we all know that the special corporate interests who have been in charge for the past two years can run the show without their puppets.


  1. Going back to her "fundamental" Christian beliefs?
    Is this better than a person going back to "fundamental" Islam?

  2. You misunderstood. She was apologizing for blasting inanimate objects because after all the excitement she returned to her room and remembered she married one herself.

  3. Did anyone ask her why Condi would be running in 2016, why President Romney wouldn't be running for a second term?


  4. Let's face it, Rebecca Kleefisch is a Wisconsin treasure, so inept, so ignorant and yet so sure of herself. I would like to see her face off against Sarah Palin and that crazy witch from Arizona, Jan Brewer in a special edition of Jeopardy.