Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paul Ryan the $100 Million Man

According to an embedded republican insider, David Koch bough the Vice Presidency for Paul Ryan (R - Ayn Rand). H/T Cenk Uygur and Current TV Paul Ryan(R - Wall St.) is master of the oldest profession in the world.... It also goes to show how completely incapable Paul ryan is, that it takes $100 Million to get him on the ticket and nothing to get Sarah Palin on the ticket!


  1. Roger Stone is a long time Republican dirty trickster and a Bush family operative. His allegation demonstrates that the Bush crime family is concerned that a Romney election would delay Jeb Bush's rise to the Presidency by eight years or prevent it all together. They would be happy to see Obama-- who let's face it, is a moderate Republican-- reelected, thus disposing of Romney and Ryan while discrediting the Tea Bag element in the party. Jeb would become the automatic favorite for the nomination in 2016 and best of all, Roger Stone would be back wheeling and dealing behind the scenes.

    $100M for Ryan? That seems a little excessive but the Koch's could make that much through the now annual ritual of torching a refinery during peak driving season.

  2. Today's "San Francisco Chronicle" has an article called, "Ryan pledges allegiance to the rich and powerful." I don't think it says anything new to those who visit this excellent site, but it was satisfying to read anyway!

    Today's Chronicle also has an article about a new website:

    The new site's creators say they want to report the news from three perspectives -- left, center, and right. I do not know anything about them, or if they will be able to meet their goal. However, I think it would be great if more information from leftyblogs reached more of the country.