Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why We Need More Democratic Women In Office

From Emerge Wisconsin:
To Be Truly Equal on Women’s Equality Day, We Need More Democratic Women in Office

Madison - Emerge Wisconsin is excited to join with women across Wisconsin and the country to recognize Women’s Equality Day on August 26. This is the day we commemorate women winning the right to vote when the 19th Amendment was signed into law 92 years ago.

While women have had the right to vote for 92 years, we are far from equal. Women make up 50% of the Wisconsin population, yet only 26% of the Wisconsin Legislature are women; only 22% of the City Council and 18% of the County Board seats are held by women. (Statistics by Wisconsin Women’s Council.)

Emerge Wisconsin is working hard to change these statistics by recruiting and training Democratic women to run for office at all levels of government. This year alone, Emerge has had 38 alumnae run for office at both the local and state level.

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, Emerge Wisconsin announces that the application for the 2013 class will be online September 4, 2012. Any interested applicants can go to the website at

“In order for us to stop the attacks to diminish women’s rights, we need more women in office. We are proud that the training Democratic women receive from Emerge Wisconsin inspires them to run for and propels them into elected office.” Wendy Strout, Executive Director.

Launched in 2007, Emerge is the only organization in Wisconsin that provides Democratic women with the comprehensive training they need to achieve their political aspirations. Emerge currently has twenty-one alumnae running for office this fall. Emerge Wisconsin is part of Emerge America, a national movement and premier training program that addresses the under-representation of women in office at the local, state, and federal level. There are Emerge affiliates in ten states: Arizona, California, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Wisconsin. Emerge was founded to create a legion of Democratic women leaders for generations to come.
And for the sake of full disclosure, I do some voluntary work for Emerge.


  1. Hear, hear! I would love more women in office as strong leaders to speak up for women's issues. Our rights are being summarily chipped away by men in power. Men who can't become pregnant but who feel the need to dictate and control our reproductive organs and rights.

  2. So, you have an organization that wants women equality but then turn around and discriminate against conservative women.
    How ironic. I guess conservative women just aren't real women.

    1. That was the most laughable attempt of constructing a straw man that I've ever seen.

      Thanks for proving us smarter, Dan.

    2. We've seen how you treat female republican candidates and their staff. To say your not a misogynist towards them is laughable. But I guess they are the dumb females, right?

    3. I actually agree with Dan. I would love to see us elect some conservative women. we just need to find them since the current republican party have made conservatives basically extinct.

      The next conservative woman we elect will also be the first!

    4. IMBAR-

      Are you saying that when a Republican woman supports a bad idea, we can't say anything because she's a woman? Talk about misogyny.